Gallente Drinks Inc employee arrested

New Eden News | YC107-11-16

Earlier this week Mr. Bills of GDI fulfilled his part of a trade contract with A GOD, rewarding him for his efforts earlier in the week. Much to A GOD and his partners surprise the contract that had cost them in excess of a billion ISK was rewarded with a puny Viator Class Industrial ship.

Jetson Bills was arrested for attempted fraud after A GOD informed the Gallente government of his ‘substantial award’. Jetson Bills made it sound that fulfilling his assignment would be well worth the effort of all who volunteered. When all was said and done A GOD did the math and concluded he made a loss of several millions in order to satisfy Jetson Bills demands.

In an attempt to reduce his sentence Mr. Bills offered repairs towards A GOD so that in the end it was a lucrative deal for him. A GOD is now the proud owner of an Obelisk and 2 named cargo expanders which will certainly make it easier for him to fulfil any future contracts that demands high quality transportation. Brecher received 150 million isk for his efforts.

A GOD saw through the sudden generosity of Mr Bill: “...these items are in no way a gesture made out of feeling guilty, he is just trying to save himself”. Jetson Bills sticks to his view that he did wanted to offer his apologies and make sure A GOD was no longer in debt: Jetson Bills : “I could have used the money to bribe one of the judges.... Did I? No... I gave you what I had...”

In the end all Jetson Bills can hope for are kind judges who forgive a man easier then A GOD will forget this.