Biomass harvesters reported in Pure Blind

New Eden News | YC107-11-29

Yesterday evening saw several individuals in the Pure Blind region seeking to purchase any available cadavers from local capsule pilots in the area.

Sighted in the EC-P8R solar system – the persons, who were identified as members of the Adaptive Provisioning Corporation, were apparently working at the behest of an unnamed client to procure a quantity of biomass.

Marn Toril – CEO of Adaptive Provisioning is said to have led the operation and was apparently disinclined to give any details regarding the client. Toril reportedly explained to the local capsuleers that he had no knowledge of his client’s intentions for the requested biomass, stating simply that his corporation was ‘paid to procure things’.

The Adaptive Provisioning team is said to have found several willing corpse vendors and secured a total of ten cadavers for their client. Toril and his employees, who were flying covert ops vessels; allegedly suffered an unprovoked attack by the final seller as they were leaving, but escaped unharmed despite being pursued by a hostile stealth bomber.

Marn Toril was not available for comment on the night’s events.