MMC holds third round of mining lottery

New Eden News | YC107-09-14

In what is expected to be the penultimate round of their lottery, the Minmatar Mining Corp held its third session without disturbances earlier this week in the Eystur system.

As reported in early August, MMC sponsors a lottery where five participants will win a Rupture Class Cruiser each. Every unit of unprocessed ore is counted as one ticket, winners to be selected as soon as the 1 million units quota is fulfilled. The resources will be destined to the construction of infrastructure inside the Minmatar Republic.

The operation’s chief Ninmelan Ungur went on the record stating that “MMC found the presence of only eight pilots in this third round rather disappointing… we had thought that Minmatar citizens would be more keen to assist in acquiring minerals for the Republic, yet although widely announced in local channels most pilots refused this opportunity to profit both themselves and our nation.”

“As a personal note, not two years ago the opportunity of getting my hands on a cruiser of my very own in exchange of just an hour of mining while helping my Republic at the same time would have had me answering immediately… perhaps young pod-pilots have things a bit too easy nowadays.”

MMC expects to fulfil their target quota of 1 million units of scordite by their next event, which they expect to organize in two week’s time.