Controversial ‘Brainwave Control’ Scientists continue their work

New Eden News | YC107-10-24

Following their relocation to the Rens solar system last week, scientists Dr Albert Vance and Dr Vic Stats resumed their quest for electronic parts on Sunday.

Though their requests were met with the usual hostility and wariness indicative of previous endeavours to acquire supplies, several capsule pilots were eager to assist them.

The three Caldari investigators, led by Pete Sance have apparently set up a temporary base of operations at the site of the scientists’ former lab in the Josameto system while they continue their inquiries.

After their unsuccessful raid of the labs last week, the detectives have reportedly appeared in the Caldari communications channel asking for information on the errant scientists and their research.

It is believed that the detectives have spoken to a number of capsuleer pilots, including several individuals with first hand information on Vance and Stats and their activities.

Following some initial reluctance to disclose their knowledge, the detectives reportedly convinced several witnesses to give evidence against the two scientists as well as recruiting a number of informants to monitor future communications.