Caldari State Plays Host to Capsuleer Tournament

New Eden News | YC107-12-24

Earlier today, the Caldari Gaming Commission announced their plans to host the largest capsuleer fighting tournament since the Amarr Championships. Announcing the names of the sixty-four alliances eligible to compete, a state official said "We are expecting to see some of the worlds most skilled fighters at this event, the capsuleer alliances have tremendous strength and our main interest lies in seeing who will come out on top."

With surprisingly little time for preparation, each alliance must select three of their most competent fighters to compete on their behalf. Six pilots will then meet in an arena set up at a secret location. The winning team moves on to the next round, while the losers are eliminated.

Some political analysts believe that this is the first step of war preparation for the Caldari, and that they are simply "testing them". "In the past few years, capsuleer alliances have been growing at a rate faster than we could have ever imagined, especially in the outer regions. One day they might actually start posing as threats to the empires."

Whatever the case may be, the whole world will be watching as this tournament unveils.