Brainwave scientists on the run

New Eden News | YC107-10-29

Last Thursday night saw another unsuccessful raid on the labs of the much debated ‘Brainwave control’ scientists Albert Vance and Vic Stats.

As with the previous raid - the laboratories had been evacuated well before the arrival of the three Caldari agents, who have been pursuing the controversial scientists since the nature of their research was uncovered a fortnight ago.

The scientists are believed to have removed much of their equipment and left no clues as to their next destination, leaving the investigators little option but to appeal for information from local capsuleers.

During this time Vance and Stats were sighted in an Amarrian FTL channel procuring more electronic parts. Moments after their courier arrived, the Caldari investigators are reported to have entered the channel apparently acting on a tip off.

After embarking on a furious debate on the ethics behind Vance’s work, the scientist is said to have become incensed with the agents and stormed out of the channel, closely followed by his colleague Dr Stats.

Though not officially confirmed, their pursuers are believed to be applying for a search warrant with the Amarrian authorities in preparation for a raid on the researcher’s new labs.