Attendance high when Professor trades skillbooks for Damage Control units.

New Eden News | YC107-11-04

Professor Corin, an instructor of Electronics and Engineering at the Science and Trade Institute School, made an appearance their communication channel last night. Apparently, Professor Corin has been using his spare time to research some possible enhancements to the firmware of Damage Control units and was recruiting some former students to assist in the acquisition of more units. While he was not specific as to the effects or ultimate goal of his research, he did mention that because he was only able to continue his research because of the assistance of the pod pilot community, he would of course share his discoveries with the masses.

According to reports, Professor Corin was requesting assorted Damage Control units in order to install his new firmware upgrades for testing purposes. Apparently, Professor Corin was unable to purchase said units due to the 'pitiful state of our pay scale' and was instead trading miscellaneous skill books for the modules. The skill books apparently came from the basement and previously overlooked cabinets.

Unlike some of his lectures this get together under Professor Corin was actually well attended and he looked forward to seeing his students at some later date because he wasn’t finished collection all the units needed for his research.