Hunt the Bounty series continues

New Eden News | YC107-10-14

Vincent Aslo returned to the New Caldari solar system this week for another instalment of his “Hunt the Bounty” challenge.

The second round of his game show style contest was played out on Thursday where another lucky pilot scooped the two million ISK prize money.

After a thrilling chase, Entschlossen laid the final blow that destroyed Aslo’s vessel; later donating his winnings to fellow capsuleer Jenny Spitfire.

Interestingly, Aslo’s “Hunt the Bounty” round two was not the only occasion of interest on Thursday as two warring capsuleer factions were furiously battling each other across the New Caldari space lanes.

Sources state that both sides took the unusual steps of calling a temporary cease fire in order for their own pilots to take part in the hunt; a testament to the power of Vincent Aslo’s brand of entertainment.