Gladiators sighted within the Empire.

New Eden News | YC107-10-02

Reports have recently been pouring in that the escaped gladiators have been sighted within the borders of the Amarrian Empire. Armed with ships and modules that would put most private armies to shame, the ex-slave warriors carved a route through the heart of Amarrian space, reportedly searching for a new place to call home.

Starting in the Imperial system of Mai, they plotted a course taking them through Zaimeth, Khopa and Penirgman, where they reportedly got into a war of words with the locals, repeatedly referring to them as heretics and blasphemers. Although nobody engaged the Gladiators directly, it is clear from the witness statements they were heavily armed and ready to take on any who would have tried to oppose them.

Information on the gladiator’s exact plans is sketchy, however it is widely believed by those present that the gladiators were scanning systems for a suitable place set up a new arena. An individual named ‘Custo’ was also mentioned by the gladiators several times; however his relation to the gladiators and their plans is as yet unknown.

The gladiators were last seen leaving Penirgman, possibly heading to Raravoss, but they have since gone unaccounted for and their currently location is unknown.