Brainwave control prototype rumoured to be in construction stages

New Eden News | YC107-11-02

Fugitive ‘Brainwave Control’ scientists Albert Vance and Victor Stats are reported to have made another appearance in an Amarrian FTL Communications channel last Sunday evening.

Described as ‘gloating’ about their successful procurement of parts and the inability of anyone to intervene - the scientists allegedly announced that they had begun construction of the prototype for their ‘brainwave control device’.

Once again their pursuers, Caldari investigators led by Pete Sance interrupted the scientists’ impromptu transmission and began another bout of furious arguments with Dr Vance. After which the investigators are reported to have pleaded with the channel’s Amarrian patrons to open their eyes to Vance’s actions, citing that he would try to rob them of their free will and their ‘faith’ with his technology.

Pete Sance and his investigators are said to have already secured the support of the Caldari and Matari citizens in this matter while currently attending talks with the Gallente Federation regarding the rogue scientists.

Sance is also believed to be making applications to Caldari State judges for a ‘Kill on Sight’ warrant due to the crimes of Albert Vance and the nature of the threat posed by his research.