Placid trader expands dealings

New Eden News | YC107-09-15

Apparently unfazed by the now unbridled public speculation surrounding his activities, and the mounting bounty placed on his head by various capsuleer organisations, having ostensibly judged his actions as detrimental to their representative factions; Jevako Niedboux has placed several more buy orders along Placid trade routes yet again demanding additional quantities of the now infamous Caldari officer insignias and small arms caches. He also requested several thousand more marines at prices far in excess of those offered last Friday.

As opportunistic mercenaries and traders alike flock to the Placid region to take advantage of the dealer’s seemingly limitless funds, and the equally generous offers from members of the capsuleer community for his death. No sightings of the trader have been reported since he first began these unusual transactions three weeks ago.

Surprisingly, there are no records of Jevako Niedboux docking at any of the stations where his market orders have appeared over the last three weeks, nor have any individuals matching his description appeared on security footage around the market terminals of these busy trading posts. Reacting to this, one local merchant suggested that Niedboux could be making use of the latest market technology to place these orders remotely from space or from other stations within the region.

In a further twist, Niedboux’s name has reportedly appeared on several transaction logs within the Devoid region, where he has apparently been acquiring further numbers of marines as well as large quantities of Minmatar Fleet officer and midshipman insignia’s. These dealings in Devoid became more apparent today when Niedboux amended his orders as before, requesting further quantities of the aforementioned items. Also, in a late and perhaps unsettling addition, tens of thousands of slaves.

Customs officials within the Placid region were reluctant to offer any conjecture as to how Jevako Niedboux was able to travel un-noticed between Placid and Devoid in view of the high profile his recent actions have afforded him. One source within Gallente customs did state that he was presumed to be travelling under an alias name, as many individuals, frequently being capsule pilots would often do to avoid unwanted attention. The source did not however comment on the latest rumours that Niedboux has been making use of significant connections within smuggling rings such as the much debated Intaki Syndicate to travel out of sight.