Yulai in decline - The numbers

New Eden News | YC107-09-23

In light of the decline in trades in the former trade center Yulai, the Secure Commerce Commission released figures today supporting the view that Yulai is on its last legs. Three months ago, on the fifth of Juli, Yulai numbered 8067 trades for the day. Two weeks ago, the total number of trades was recorded at 3020, a decline of 62.56 percent.

Comparing that to the emerging trade hub Oursulaert, which numbered 8340 transactions on the fifth of juli, the sevent saw a staggering increase 150.50%. 12552 trades were registered september the fourth.Other remarkable increases were noted in Agil, where transactions per day increased by 148.25%. Amarr, crown of the Empire, saw a phenomenal increase of 171.45%. Oddly, Jita remained around the same level of transactions per day.

SCC Chief Executive Officer and presidential candidate Eman Autrech stated: "The decicion to re-route certain gates was not taken lightly. Although we knew that it would result in some decline of trade to Yulai, we did not expect the market to crash this much.

The SCC is, however, elated to note that replacement hubs are already forming in the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire. Goods follow the path that takes them to the customer quickest and it is interesting to see the new trade and transaction patterns form. The Secure Commerce Commission will keep watching and protecting the market, regardless of where it concentrates."

Although we were not able to gather all the SCC data, it was sufficient to note a large increase in the Caldari – Amarr centered trades. Whatever happens to Yulai, it appears that the changes to counter smuggling in the Federation and Republic have benefitted the Amarrians and Caldari the most.