Blood Raiders strike at the Khanid Empire

New Eden News | YC107-10-06

A savage and ruthless attack on the Khanid Prime shipyards by force of the Blood Raider Covenant this week resulted in the theft of more than half a dozen of the venerated Navy Issue Apocalypse battleships. This is following reports of the blood raiders spying on military convoys and mineral shipments over an extended period of time, and in the process building up a network of mysterious devices in a grid stretching from Gehi to Khanid Prime itself.

Whilst the main purpose of these devices is unknown, one side effect appears to be the scrambling of Concord and navy sensors and IFF (identify – friend or foe) transmitters. As a result the Khanid navy had no warning of the attack until the heavily armed fleet was virtually on top of their shipyards.

Although the Khanid Prime Orbital Defence Network opened fire on the Blood Raider fleet, its firepower was insufficient to repel the invaders. Most of the orbital defence grid was crippled in the attack - sources inside the Khanid navy report that will not be fully operational again for the foreseeable future.

Far more worrying, however, is the theft of seven partially completed Navy Issue Apocalypse class battleships, the pride of both the Amarrian and Khanid navies. As most of the remaining construction on these behemoths was superficial, the Blood Raiders now have a fleet of these top of the line warships at their disposal.

"We are worried about the Blood Raider plans for those ships, and their purpose in stealing them," a Khanid Colonel reported. "The Blood Raiders still have several functioning fleet construction areas, and it baffles me as to why they'd need to steal ships from the Khanid Navy."

This is even more confusing following the recent string of Blood Raider attacks up that very same corridor just this past week. By all accounts capsuleers have destroyed at least nine Bhaalgorn battleships and numerous Ashimmu cruisers, which has cost the Convenant hundreds of millions of isk. Even for a large organization, that is a significant loss of resources.

Pilots in the Agil and Khanid Prime systems have been warned to stay extra vigilant against Blood Raider ships, and to attack them on sight if sentry guns or CONCORD ships do not respond.