Mordu's Legion and Guardian Angels clash in Fountain region

New Eden News | YC106-08-03

The task force led by Muryia Mordu into Serpentis space was pinned down yesterday by Guardian Angels forces led by Brynn Jerdola and Setele Schellan and forced into combat. The Guardian Angels have been trying to corner Mordu ever since the latter entered the Fountain region, but he has always managed to slip out of their grasp just when they thought they had him. Whether this is due to Mordu's tactical brilliance or the aid of unknown gadgets at his disposal is not known, but it wasn't until the equally brilliant Jerdola and Schellan arrived on the scene that Mordu's luck finally ran out.

The battle that ensued lasted more than an hour, but the clever defensive strategy employed by Mordu kept losses at a minimum. In the end the Guardian Angels retreated to lick their wounds and rally their troops for another assault. But in the meantime Mordu withdrew his task force in an orderly fashion, not willing to take his chance again against the much larger forces that the Guardian Angels could muster on their own home ground.

Having seemingly completed his mission Mordu has now left Serpentis space and is heading back to his headquarters. It is anyone's guess whether his mission can be deemed a success or not, but at the very least it has stirred the Guardian Angels, embarrassed by how easily Mordu managed to penetrate their perimeter defenses and slip deep into Serpentis territory. Some sort of retaliatory attacks, either on the Legion or on ORE, the Legion's employers and supposed instigators of the operation, is thought to be likely so space farers in the area are urged to show caution.

Other factions in the Fountain region are understandably concerned over the whole episode and have demanded an explanation from Mordu's Legion or ORE for the reasons for this unwanted incursion into their territory. Damaclease, co chairman of the Fountain Alliance council, said Mordu must explain his actions in person, otherwise the wrath of the FA would be felt. A spokesperson for ORE tried to placate the irritated FA by asserting that Mordu's mission was not aimed 'in any way whatsoever' at any members of the FA, but solely against the Serpentis corporation. The spokesperson declined to go into details about Mordu's mission, but said that ORE and the Legion offered their sincere apologies to members of the FA for not informing them of the imminent incursion. It was the hope of the leaders of ORE and the Legion that relations with the FA could be restored to their usual good status despite this small 'oversight'.