Rogue drone infestation discovered but kept secret

New Eden News | YC106-11-04

A report filtered out from reliable sources within the Inner Circle of CONCORD has revealed that a huge infestation of rogue drones was found well within empire space. There is a strong indication that the recently discovered swarm constitutes a new breed of the drones. The leaked report further states that this discovery was made some weeks ago, but has been carefully kept under wrap by CONCORD since. The reason given is that the exact nature of this new breed is as of yet not fully understood and the presence of curious bystanders can lead to infestation or contamination of these vessels, spreading the rogue drones even further.

The report also claims that the rogue drone hive was discovered in a so called deadspace pocket, which explains why it remained undetected for so long. Many feel that this claim discredits the whole report, as every spacefarer knows that deadspace is totally inaccessible. Since the deadspace phenomenon was first discovered centuries ago, many have tried to unlock the secrets to entering these elusive areas, but to no avail. That semi-sentient entity like the rogue drones have mastered deadspace sounds frankly ludicrous. Nevertheless, there is a grain of truth to be found in the report and it will be interesting to see how CONCORD officials respond to the leaked report.