Minmatar Border Patrols Report Caldari Corp Police Border Zone Activity

New Eden News | YC106-08-10

Republic Navy Operations Command yesterday reported Ishukone Watch patrols making incursions into Minmatar-controlled territories, performing unsolicited ship scans and questioning passers-by on closed frequencies. This is the sixth time in the last two weeks that Ishukone forces have been seen in the area. Border systems Todrir and Eust have both played host to ships from the privately-controlled police force, resulting in stepped-up patrols from Republic Navy forces in the vicinity.

According to Republic Navy spokesman Raurvest Arrum Caldari private police forces have traditionally stayed out of areas belonging to neighboring nations. Inquiries as to the nature of these recent incursions have been met with silence on the part of the Ishukone corporation, with diplomatic circles yielding no satisfactory response either.

“We’re unsure where exactly their motivations lie,” said Arrum. “They’ve been seen here six times now, scanning ships and questioning bystanders, and they never give any explanation as to what they’re doing.” Reports from those questioned have indicated the Ishukone Watch are particularly interested in shuttle traffic from Caldari space into Matari space, but no concrete information beyond that has been revealed.

Ishukone Watch ships were also last month seen in Kaalakiota-controlled territories, leading many to speculate whether hostilities were on the rise between the two corps.