Mysterious Weapons Appearing in Starship Hangars Across the Universe

New Eden News | YC106-12-22

Since noon today, hundreds of starship pilots have reported finding a previously unseen form of weaponry in their hangars, along with a stack of gigantic snowballs. The weapon resembles a standard missile bay, except for the distinguishing fact that it seems to have been retro-fitted in order to accommodate the snowballs in question. Much general bafflement has been expressed at the appearance of these mysterious weapons, with most pilots unable to comprehend how they have come to be in their hangars. A few scholars have suggested that the occurrence may be in some way linked to an ancient old-earth festival believed to have been held this time of year, in which gifts were supposedly exchanged and people encouraged to come together in the spirit of festive cheer and joy. Others have scoffed at this, stating that ‘Yooltie,’ as it is known in the history books, is but a myth. Whatever the case may be, pilots all over the universe today find themselves in possession of these strange weapons. More on this development as it unfolds.