Is Foiritan losing it? Federation leaders on edge.

New Eden News | YC106-10-02

As the elections in the Federation draw to a close, rumors from inside the presidential palace in Caille describe president Foiritan as being unusually irritable and edgy when outside the public spotlight. It’s said that Foiritan’s foul temper has brought some of his aides to tears, while the staff of the palace are keeping their head low to escape being the brunt of one of his irrational tantrums. If true, this strongly indicates that Foiritan is feeling the pressure as wave after wave of unofficial polls predict that his referendum, which he has invested so much of his political capital on, will be rejected by the people. This would certainly ruin the illustrious career of one of the most charismatic presidents the Federation has ever seen, forcing him to live out the remaining two years of his term dancing to the beat set by the Senate.

However, none of these signs have reached captivating as ever while he’s out amongst the people. The president has been touring the Federation non-stop in the last few days, hoping to win over enough voters to tip the elections his way. This is exactly what happened in the presidential elections three years ago, so the political enemies of Foiritan are wary of declaring him finished quite yet.the public eye, as the happy-go-lucky charms of Foiritan are as

The leaders of the government have been clamoring for media attention in the last week, but in one case none of them was willing to comment publicly. The recent sabotage of the COLOSSUS race being held by the Caldari State and turned out to be the responsibility of Gallentean loyalists has the administration acutely embarrassed. It has harshly denounced the terrorist acts of the UDI, claiming these terrorist acts were supported by fanatical totalitarian regimes. Then for some of their own people to commit a similar act of aggression completely unravels their case. The little the leaders of the Federation have been willing to say on the matter is to deny any kind of links whatsoever to those responsible for the incident last Thursday during the race.