Quafe intern in trouble after mystery theft

New Eden News | YC106-12-02

A bizarre story has filtered out of the Quafe Company. A large shipment of Quafe recently disappeared from the company’s warehouse in the Allamotte system. Dune Mirmueren, a spokesman for the company, has revealed that the disappearance was being treated as a theft, with the prime suspect, and also sole witness, being a lowly intern. A reporter for the Scope managed to speak to the intern, Hared Loudier, before he was whisked away by Quafe officials.

According to Loudier, a small wormhole appeared inside the warehouse, sucking out large quantities of Quafe. Loudiers’s tale grows even stranger as he speaks of strange beings, most likely human, on the other side of the wormhole. The beings spoke in incoherent babble and were fighting amongst themselves, seemingly for the privilege to be the first to enter through the wormhole. Their surroundings were sparse, the only item of notice a green comfy-chair. ‘It was a really nice looking chair,’ Loudier mused just before he was pulled away.

Dune Mirmueren dismissed Loudier’s story as simply ludicrous. He said Loudier was on the ever popular enzyme-diet, which is known to induce hallucinations on occasions. ‘But we think Mr. Loudier is spinning this whole story as a cover up to what we believe is a pure and simple theft,’ Mirmueren continued. ‘Men with red hair and green comfy chairs, pah! Anyone can see that such tales are just pure fabrication.’ Mirmueren concluded that Quafe would put every effort into locating the lost stash of their treasured soft drink. ‘We will hunt down the perpetrators, through space and time. We will not rest until those responsible are behind bars, where they belong.’