Infestation under control; deadspace debate rages

New Eden News | YC106-11-09

CONCORD has issued a statement declaring that the potential rogue drone infestation has been squashed in its infancy. The infestation was widely feared after the discovery of huge drone hives hidden within deadspace in various locations around empire space. Under the leadership of CONCORD the empires have undertaken a massive clean up operation against the rogue drones, clearing those hives already discovered out.

The statement also reveals that the warp beacons used to pinpoint locations within deadspace was given by CONCORD to the empires to help them in their dronesweeping efforts. The empires have now declared their interest in using the warp beacons, along with the ingenious acceleration gate technology employed by the rogue drones, to build up their own infrastructure in deadspace locations. To secure their interests, they have united to keep access to the warp beacons restricted only to the empires themselves. Caldari scientists have already reversed engineered the modified acceleration gates, allowing them to be manufactured. It is believed that the Caldari State used the gates as leverage in securing the support of the other empires by promising to sell them gates at a very reasonable price. Liberal politicans, mainly from the Federation, have denounced this decision. They claim it will stifle the expansion of the independent pilot industry, which has looked so promising in recent months.