Providence host to new elusive pirate threat

New Eden News | YC106-12-16

Pilots in the providence region are being advised to be extra vigilant when travelling, as reports are circulating of a group of as- yet unknown pirates have started to prey on lone ships, travelling on the various backwater routes.

Reliable information about these individuals is scarce; however, they are using Minmatar ship designs which have been widely agreed to by pilots who have encountered them. The most commonly sighted ships belonging to the frigate class.

More reports are expected, as unfortunate pilots clones are reactivated and recovered. From initial questions the cloned pilots appeared very shaken and disturbed, telling of lightning raids on their unsuspecting craft.

There have been very few survivors from these seemingly random attacks. Many industrial and frigate class vessels have succumbed to their firepower, even a number of battleships have fallen prey to the unknown aggressors. Those ships that have managed to escape the attacks, have often sustained millions of ISK’s worth of damage.

Although reports of other attacks haven’t been overwhelming, it is becoming clear that the pirate efforts have mostly been focused on pilots in the backwater ends of Providence, with only one or two accounts of being spotted straying into the main shipping lanes. Do to the nature of the stricken ships and their often ‘sensitive’ cargo, it is a strong possibility that a great many more attacks have been sustained that have simply been left unreported.