Empires escalate deadspace construction as competition heats up

New Eden News | YC106-11-22

All the empires that make up the civilized part of space are putting increased emphasis on deadspace complexes now that the technology behind keeping them secret has been compromised. The empires are keen to keep unwanted parties out of deadspace areas within their borders, and the only way to do that is to occupy them for themselves. This move comes as no surprise, as it is only a matter of time before other factions catch up with the complex technology and start building their own complexes in deadspace. It is already rumored that pirate factions have launched cleanup operations of their own in deadspace areas, clearing out any rogue drone infestations, in preparation for this. Though commendable from the point of view of checking any possible rogue drone plagues, many feel that deadspace pirate havens are just as bad.

Details are still vague on how exactly the 17 year old Ladette Russeot managed to break the encryption guarding the warp beacon signals used to enter deadspace. The Caldari State has launched an internal investigation into the matter, but any findings will most likely be kept under wrap. Especially as the Caldari are feeling rather embarrassed that the encryption technology they devised and flaunted as being unbreakable was so easily brushed aside, by a teenager to boot. However, this is of little interest to the common pilots, all they care about is that the efforts of Russeot allow them to experience deadspace for themselves. For better or for worse.