Support changes expected as sign-up draws to a close

New Eden News | YC106-12-14

The candidates for the post of the president of the Gallente Federation are ready to start their hunt for emissaries in earnest. Naturally, all of them want only the very best to act as their emissaries, which prompted them to seek the support of the energetic corporations of the pilot community. The move has met with great success for all the candidates, with dozens of corporations already having declared their support.

Now the corporation sign-up phase is drawing to a close, but in the final stretches, participating corporations will be allowed to change their allegiance, in the truest of democratic manner. Corporations are also allowed to alter what region they want to participate in. As the regions hold different amount of electoral votes, choosing the right region compared to the relative strength of the pilot corporation is imperative.

Once the sign-up phase ends, the competition itself will begin: collecting vouchers for the chosen candidate. More news will be posted when the sign-up phase is about to end.