Holder Family Moves to Reclaim Prestige

New Eden News | YC106-09-30

The Edarion Holders, an old, declining Holder family, marked the recent graduation of their three sons Galvus, Steban and Carlos with what appears to be an attempt to reclaim some of their former glory.

The three brothers, armed with more ISK than a small colony earns in a year, recently advertised their intention to buy large amounts of slaves for the purpose of populating up-until-now neglected Edarion factories on Kenenhehab 3. Other purchases included Vitoc, slavers and marines to keep the slaves under control.

However, due to rumours surrounding an individual named “Odent,” many traders exhibited initial wariness. These suspicions led to an exchange of harsh words between prominent members of the Amarrian capsuleer community and Galvus Edarion, although the two incidents seem to be completely unrelated.

When pushed on the subject, Galvus apparently became irritated and made some harsh statements about current Amarrian internal affairs. Needless to say, the fiercely loyal individuals present in the system were outraged.

When approached for comment, Edarion stated: "I extend my gratitude to those fine Amarr who have helped me acquire the goods I needed, and to those that possessed doubts about me I have nothing to say beyond what they already should know if they have a sliver of pride in their empire - that they are traitors, forever damned."

Carlos Edarion had the following to say: “I wish to thank the loyal Amarrians who helped me acquire the goods we needed for our family’s estate. I extend special gratitude to Ethidium Bromide of PIE Inc. and Kivers. It is good to see that Amarrians are capable of showing each other honour and trust in this age of strife.”

After rumours of an attack force being formed by Minmatar rebels, the Edarion brothers retreated to their private quarters in the Amarr, Yulai and Emrayur systems to arrange pick-up for escrowed slaves, as well as to arrange temporary housing for their merchandise. Steban Edarion delivered the following message:

“I would like to thank those who promised military aid in case of an insurgent attack. Furthermore, a number of citizens excelled in their service of the Empire by providing healthy, well cared-for slaves. It warms my heart to see the charity of these traders in their willingness to allow me to take care of the homeless folk they had been so generously housing. I promise that they will find new hope and purpose in their service to the Empire.“

Although slave trading is more than common in the Amarr Empire, it is rare that a Holder family in decline makes such a spectacularly public attempt to gather the slaves needed to work in their factories, openly discussing matters that could be viewed as heresy by more ecclesiastically minded Amarrians.

I, for one, don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from the Edarion brothers.