New 25ers group to fight empire monopoly on deadspace

New Eden News | YC106-11-11

The 25ers were activists that a little over a century ago fought the empires over the freedom enjoyed by independent pilots. The 25ers, their struggle long since won, then faded into obscurity. But now unidentified activists, believed to be Gallenteans, have revived the old grass-root organization to fight the empires over access to deadspace. The original 25ers group laid the foundation of the independent pilot community, unattached to the empires that fostered them at first. The pioneering work of the 25ers has been taken for granted for so long that most pilots don't even know that they owe their independence to this century-old activist group. But some have remembered, it seems, and are now ready to tackle the empires once more.

As reported recently, the empires decided to keep to themselves the warp beacon technology necessary for deadspace access. Deadspace offers a unique opportunity in allowing for space installations that are inaccessible to all but those with the means to link with the warp beacons. Naturally, the empires have taken every care to make the warp beacons and their signals totally unhackable, or as a Caldari scientist triumphantly put it: "you could link all the quantum computers in the world together and you still wouldn't be able to crack the code."

The new 25ers have vowed to use any means necessary to crack the warp beacon code and break the monopoly the empires currently enjoy on deadspace. They will undoubtedly receive support in this endeavor from all freedom-loving pilots and pilot corporations that don't want to be frozen out of deadspace and the opportunities it presents. But only time will tell of this latest 25ers campaign will meet with success or humiliating defeat.