Theology Council to Lift Suppression Edict for Tetrimon Case

New Eden News | YC106-10-20

In a surprising turn of events, the Theology Council has stated that it is officially investigating the veracity of the claims made by the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Suppression Edict is being lifted for a period of two months to allow the Tetrimon Order to prepare its case and bring all relevant evidence before the Council.

Deacon Azir of the Theology Council has said, "It's put up or shut up time for the Tetrimon. Either they support their words with facts, or they will be declared heretics. Either way, we will put an end to these lingering doubts."

Esht Pakern, a high-ranking member of the Minmatar Republic diplomatic corps, has stated that this announcement is a very worrying one for the Minmatar people. "The Tetrimon are fanatical religious extremists who massacred several hundred children without remorse because of their beliefs. The Cultists are utterly convinced of the superiority of the Amarr race -- intellectually, spiritually, even biologically. The fact that these fanatics are being allowed to speak is an insult to to the families of those children."