Folklore idols irk DED who warns against hero-worship.

New Eden News | YC106-09-22

As the space industry expands and becomes a more integral part of the economy of EVE, more and more people are becoming aware of the heroes and villains that ply the vast inter-stellar trade routes. Some of the pirate factions are now established enough that they are known by the majority of the populace. Consequentially, the leaders of these nefarious organizations are becoming known to the world at large, often through dramatized holo-reels based more on fiction than fact.

The branch within CONCORD responsible for dealing with pirates, DED, is becoming increasingly worried over the apparent hero-worship displayed by ordinary citizens towards notorious pirates. The best known case is that of Fatal and the Rabbit, whose stunning exploits against the Caldari State and Gallente Federation are already stuff of legend. But other infamous pirates are also getting unwarranted, in the eyes DED, adulation from the public. The pirates have started taking more risks, increasing their exposure in reckless and daring endeavors.

To counter this, DED has started compiling a most-wanted list, hoping that this will put so much heat on those on the list that they'll scurry back into the shadows. Though the list has not yet been made public, several names have already been mentioned that will undoubtedly be on it. This includes Tobias Kruzhor, aka Raze, the right hand man of the leader of the Dominations; the traitor Brynn Jerdola of the Serpentis and the sociopath Draclira Merlonne of the Blood Raiders. DED officials have confirmed that the list will be updated frequently, and though it will initially consist of pilots from the established pirate factions, it may eventually also include people from more recent pirate groups.