Mordu’s Legion mobilizing, what is ORE up to?

New Eden News | YC106-07-23

Muryia Mordu, the venerated leader of Mordu’s Legion, has ordered for a full mobilization of the Legion’s forces. According to sources inside the Legion Mordu is putting together a task force with strike capabilities, which he intends to lead himself. Legionaries everywhere are left bewildered by this development as no explanation has followed in the wake of the order. Pilots on leave have been recalled to duty and ships in dry-docks hurried back into service.

The biggest employer of the Legion in recent years has been ORE, charging the Legion to protect the property of ORE against encroaching piracy at the hands of Guardian Angels and others. There is little doubt that this mobilization is the result of the stormy meeting Muryia Mordu had with the elusive Orion Mashel of ORE. Though the content of that meeting remains a secret still one can easily surmise that Mashel put the screws on Mordu, using the strong financial grip ORE has on the Legion as leverage to get Mordu to agree on whatever scheme Mashel is hatching.

Until now ORE has not been known to dabble in power politics or to use undue force, so a strike against a neighbor is thought to be unlikely. If an attack is imminent the most likely candidates are the Guardian Angels or even the Intaki Syndicate, thought the purpose of such an attack are a complete mystery. Until the task force is assembled and on the move it’s anybody’s guess what ORE and Mordu’s Legion are up to on the outskirts of civilized space.