The truth about Electronic Parts

THE FORGE. With hostility on the rise, some pod-pilots claim to have obtained more than a glimpse of the plan behind Mr. Vance and Mr. Stats’ research efforts.

Twice again since their last reported appearance the scientists made use of the FTL Caldari comm channel to have electronic parts delivered to their labs at Sukuuvestaa’s station in Josameto. The researchers met the usual mix of hostile and helpful pod-pilots, yet this time they were willing to explain some of their project’s goals: according to Mr. Vance, this new technology would allow to reprogram neural patterns and to correct criminal behavior.

“We are completing the first prototype of our 'Brain Wave Control Technology', aimed at ridding the EVE cluster of criminals,” said Mr. Vance last Saturday, "altering the brainwaves of pirates to make them useful members of our society."

An operative of the Patriot-leaning CAIN Corporation made public through GalNet what he claims to be a private conversation with Mr. Vance, including statements such as “by having all of EVE doing my bidding I will be invincible” and “the problem with slavery is they didn’t think big enough”.

Mr. Vance was not available to confirm or deny the veracity of this private conversation.