Two outposts change ownership in one day

Three alliances took over two outposts today in AZN-D2, Feythabolis and in JU-OWQ, Deklein. BoB was responsible for taking control of the outpost located in JU-OWQ, which was owned by IRON. G and Iron took over the ASCN outpost in AZN-D2 after weeks of preparation.

The system AZN-D2 has been a hotspot for weeks and every day there were fights between ASCN and the G and IRON forces. G and IRON have laid siege on this system by taking over the starbases owned by ASCN and by building their own. It is required to have the sovereignty of a system before you can either build an outpost or take control of an existing outpost.

As Shanzem from ASCN told me they are determined to regain the control of the system and the outpost since the system is a tactical desired one, it joins two regions who are both rich in minerals, and it has been ASCN home for months. Shanzem: “These regions are our home. Where we live, build and prosper, we are Ascendant`s children and were here to look after her.”

G and IRON are pleased with their effort and satisfied with their accomplishment, but they pointed out that they are far from reaching their goals. Liquidism from G: “As I said before, this is just one step towards our goals. We’re here to tackle and maybe destroy ASCN in the long run. The war is definitely not over.” Liquidism also confided that G and IRON will attack other systems of ASCN until they are willing to negotiate about their terms of defeat.

IRON did lose their outpost in JU-OWQ to BoB forces who have been in the system since Saturday. Fotoflame from IRON explained that this loss was a pre-decided sacrifice. Fi T'Zeh of Evolution commented in the following regarding this sacrifice: “I can't comment on their actions, however it would seem to me unwise to leave ones house unlocked whilst out shopping for a new one.” Fi T’Zeh assured me that BoB has confidence in the capabilities of Xelas during BoBs absence. Fi T’Zeh:”We see no threat there at this time. It would unwise to think that we are not keeping watch upon all our assets”. At this moment BoB sees no reason why they should return to Fountain even though trouble in the form of Serpentis and supporters has been sighted by fellow interstellar correspondents.