Takamatsu Trading Exchange Opens First Starbase

Last week, the Takamatsu Trading Exchange set up its first starbase in the Obe system. The massive Charon freighter “Takamatsu” set sail from the DED Testing Facilities, along with her three Bustard tenders, and set up its first TAKA starbase.

“Today is a wonderful day for the Takamatsu Exchange,” said Masaki Takamatsu, CEO of the Takamatsu Trading Exchange, “with this starbase we begin to expand our influence outside of the local stations, and in particular avoid the state's station fees.” While the exact location is not known, Masaki Takamatsu assured his shareholders that the starbase is equipped with two dozen electronic warfare modules and will withstand any but the strongest assault.

This announcement follows the recent trials of the Takamatsu corporation in the Jita, Kisogo, and Sobaseki systems, where they amassed millions of units of garbage and annoyed station managers to no end. “We made a mistake,” says Masaki, “in assuming that station managers would be more tolerant towards millions of units of garbage in their hangers. In retrospect it was a bad idea.”

The fate of the garbage remains unknown, but several market analysts have speculated that this new starbase is simply a front for disposing of the garbage. If that is the case, the Takamatsu corporation may face civil charges of pollution and obstruction of justice.

The Obe system has been a site of contentious warfare for a decade now, starting with the Gurista raids that ushered in the development of the Navy Raven, followed by internicine warfare between pod pilot groups, and now this latest development. When asked if he feared hostile forces near his starbase, Masaki replied, "Never. We're on a contract with the Caldari Navy, delivering garbage. Who'd want to obstruct that?"