Glimpses: Industry

Many entrepreneurs suffer from difficulties meeting their material or financial goals in the industrial sector. A small collection of others prosper and go on to bigger and better designs as time marches on. What is their secret? How do they accomplish success while others are stunted, and what can be done to change the course of a corporation heading for failure?

Many corporations were asked, both large and small. Among the respondents, it was variously stated that some of the key factors appear to be a strong corporate base, good suppliers, and an ability to forge relationships. Though those attributes could apply to any corporate endeavor, Leowen of Industrial Giants believes that any corporation could mirror their success with a few key ingredients such as “commitment, desire, and logistical perfection.” The well known N.A.G.A Corporation, which has been in the module and ship supply business for quite some time, placed the customer relationship as a top priority - a philosophy echoed in their corporation slogan of “We don’t sell, we help you buy.”

The keys to the production business lie not in the gracefully floating rocks, nor the hard earned parts gathered from ship debris, but in the acquisition of blueprints. All of these cost much more than the products they allow to be created, some of the rarest even going for billions of ISK. The more advanced blueprints - often gained only through close ties with corporation research agencies, at what appear to be random intervals masked closely by market and corporate pressures - can skyrocket a corporation from relative obscurity into the limelight overnight. Independent research, in its own right, can also contribute to the long-term success of a corporation by lowering mineral and other requirements for production. While limited runs of certain ships can be purchased at various escrow houses, these often go towards the internal protection or advancement of the purchaser and are not put up directly for resale.

Challenges, of course, exist for all corporations; the typical industry-based corporation may face limited supply of minerals, tech II components, or other necessary elements such as blueprints or skilled people. Shortage in any of these areas can be crippling to a group putting all their resources towards the production of advanced or rare creations, though their top-of-the-line blueprints give them greater potential for profit. Amongst the lawless regions of the 0.0 expanse lie the most valued minerals - and, often, components - necessary for production. In times of tension or conflict, suppliers can run short and relationships can be strained. Many times corporations find the need to take up arms to protect their supply lines or carve out new resources. In the worst cases, entire production lines can be laid dormant due to lack of materials.

In the coming months, technological advances will give rise to ships unlike any this universe has seen before, increasing both production requirements and materials. Few corporations will be able to undertake the construction of such monstrosities - indeed, the support of entire alliances may be necessary - but to those that succeed go the power and the profit.

The universe may never see the end of industry's struggle to produce faster, cheaper, and better technology. Around each star opportunities abound for those who can harness the necessary motivation to build a production empire - and survive.