Stain Alliance VS Stain Empire Part 1: An Empire in Peril

Intergalactic communications have seen a unique occurence happen within the galaxy for perhaps the first time in the public domain. A Civil War between two factions of a historically significant alliance. Stain has long been a dominant force in Alliance politics, stretching back virtually as long as we can remember. While other alliances rose and fell, Stain seemed inviolate, steadfast in their claim to their regions and strong in their willingness to defend that claim. Behind the scenes though, events occured that have led to a split inside the ranks, a split which has broken into open hostilities between old friends and former compatriots.

I recently had a chance to speak with Cujo of Species 5618, Executor of Stain Empire, to get his side of the current events. When asked about the reasons for the current situation, Cujo had this to say:

"The main cause of the split had to do with Trigger and Mass. We couldn't seem to reach an agreement on things. Basically, Trigger wanted to be Emperor or head of the Empire once again. A lot of members had problems with that because Mass had left Stain many times. They weren't so quick to have him back. So we wanted to try and do it slow; by waiting about a month and then let him back into his position as leader, but he didnt want to wait."

Knowing that Species 5618 had also left Stain with MASS to form a Coalition at an earlier time, I asked Cujo what had prompted him to return to Stain earlier and take up the position of leadership.

"We left the coalition by request of what was left of Stain because they projected they had about a week left. Then Stain would die off. The fighting corps that were left were ready to join the Coalition. So they offered either myself or Trigger leadership of the Empire to come back and try to make Stain strong again. Trigger turned it down, so I took over the Empire as Emperor. It seemed that by the time Stain was it's former self again, by putting a fleet of 270 ships together, Mass and Trigger decided they wanted back. We feel it's because we turned Stain in a positive direction."

I then asked Cujo if they were activley campaigning to regain control of Stain, and if so whether they had allies in their cause.

"We're not really interested in Stain's property itself, but we are actively trying to take back control with the help of allies. We have allied with northern corps since we lost so many in the south. We are activly fighting in their wars against the 5 and SA, basically killing anything in the south except for ASCN. ASCN have been good friends and have treated us well."

When asked about the future and their goals, as well as a statement they would like everyone in the galaxy to know, Cujo responded with the following: "We want SA dead. From there, we'll see what happens. Anything could happen at that point. Never trust Mass and always watch your back. People you may think are your freinds could possibly be your enemy."

It would seem that this conflict is a final one, without any more room for compromise. While Stain Empire is currently not the side holding the regions, it is clear that they do not intend to stop fighting. Part 2 of this article will look at the other side of the story, from the perspective of Stain Alliance, and will contain an interview I recently had with thebold of MASS.