ISS Marginis: Outpost shows stability after opening

Over a month has passed since the opening of the ISS Marginis Outpost on October 26th. The area reportedly has seen little conflict or open disagreements. Dividends have been issued on time, and the commitment to the project continues unabated.

Peace, often difficult to attain and sustain, appears to be the result of an open-door and welcoming policy that is keeping the ISS Marginis outpost in operation. Practices of “active diplomacy”, as said by Count TaSessine, involves keeping any piracy or unrest under control at the location of the outpost in the KDF-GY system.

Recently dividends of over one-billion ISK have been paid to the holders of the initial 3600 share offering. The shares, purchased at ten-million ISK per share, have been reportedly re-selling for 70% over their initial market price. The ISS Marginis business plan focused on receiving income from the various docking, repair, and clone fees as well as the available facility rents.

While the outpost does draw a fair number of tourists, the majority of traffic appears to be people going about the regular actions of daily life, encouraging the opinion that the outpost functions as well or better than any other station would be expected to. Representative Serenity Steele of the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate (ISS) has stated that based on the success of this outpost, the ISS, would consider building other outposts believing in a bright future on the outpost business.

A laborious undertaking, the location and construction schedule for the ISS Marginis was a well kept secret until just before the launch. Secrecy and security were considered paramount to the success of the operation. When asked what Ms. Steele would tell others attempting to build an outpost she had this advice, “Be very careful in your planning, it's 80% of the challenge solved. The biggest security risk for establishing your outpost is loss of materials en-route. My advice is getting your POS setup with all the materials, delivered at your leisure, to your hangar arrays. Then you only need to haul in-system when you launch your platform.”

With recent reports involving the ISS and some Alliance tensions speculation started regarding the policies of the outpost. However, the ISS stated that there are no plans to change the existing open-dock policy that makes this outpost available as a trading hub for the region. But if anything tensions would result in a possible expansion of the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and greater enforcement of the peace.