A Pact in Red Blood

After the withdrawal of The Five from the south-eastern regions, a rapid expansion of the Red Alliance was witnessed as it both grew in numbers and territory. The new landlords were quickly recognised by many of the non-affiliated residents, and a peaceful transition was possible in most regions.
Some, however, chose to break free and claim independence as well as territory, with varied degrees of success.

While the Miners With Attitude managed to lay claim to the region of Tenerifis, others were not so successful, such as the locals of Detorid ; unprepared and outnumbered, they decided to retreat to the safety of Empire space in an effort to reorganise.
An alliance was then formed ; the Chimaera Pact, regrouping locals from Detorid and counting veteran corporations such as FinFleet and Crisis Corp. Their intentions and objectives were made public early last month, preceded by an attempt to reclaim the 0-W778 solar system.
Unfortunately for them, the coup did not last very long, and Red Alliance forces managed to recapture the station within a few days.
Since then, two open wars have surfaced between Chimaera Pact, Red Alliance and its ally, the Free Space Alliance, spanning from the far reaches of the 0.0 regions to Concord-protected Empire space.

I recently had the chance to interview leaders from both factions concerning their objectives, and how this conflict affected them.
Confirming the relative peace in which the territories were reclaimed, Hassis, spokesperson for the Red Alliance affirmed that ‘only Chimaera Pact came to [the] Detorid region in an attempt to raise pressure.’ Later asserting that ‘there were [also] some attempts to attack Wicked Creek and Detorid regions, but they were successfully reflected’ with help from residents of those regions.
When asked about their projects for the regions under their tutelage, it was pointed out that mutual profit was the keyword ; ‘it will be home for those who want to make profit from living in 0.0 and help us fighting [against] our enemies’.
Yet, these objectives are not very different from those accredited to the Chimaera Pact by Rover Vitesse, CEO of Crisis Corp, who stated that all they wanted was ‘to live in Detorid amongst friends and friendly people.’ According to him, the war erupted because ‘[the Red Alliance] seemed to hold a vendetta against the guys who lived here under The Five's ownership.’

Both opponents seem to be pleased with how events are unfolding, with Mr. Vitesse stating that ‘[Chimaera Pact] are more than happy with the way war is going.’ Hassis was just as confident, affirming that the ‘threat level of this “invasion” is very low,’ and further embracing a larger scope declaring that ‘[the Red Alliance] can face any threat,’ and that they would adapt to any kind of warfare encountered.
It would seem that some equilibrium has been found in this conflict, with neither side gaining clear advantage over the other, time being the final judge.

The neighbouring alliances, for their part, do not appear interested in taking an active role on either side of the conflict. Veritas Immortalis has only been seen engaging in small skirmishes against the Red Alliance, while Ascendant Frontier has its hands full fending off the northern invasion.