The human side of pirates, is Verone getting married?

I decided it was time for an open hearted conversation with Verone after rumors of him leaving the world of crime and vice. I can tell you right now that we haven’t seen the last of Verone when it comes to piracy and highway robbery. He will be back, however a lot more has been said and announced in this conversation

Verone started as a production director in his first corporation after the academy, however like many traders he was harassed by pirates and other low lives who wanted a share of the spoils he was carrying. It seems to be a reoccurring theme of people engaged in combat that they all started as peaceful traders and then decided the harassment was enough and made the move to fight back. Verone too decided one day it was enough and armed himself and went out looking to deal out the justice that had been coming.

Verone: “So, I took to my guns one day, and I must say due to my inexperience I was slaughtered. I was hooked on combat ever since I moved my operations to Sniggerdly who at the time were under attack from CVA , because of our pirating in the area surrounding the deep-space R3K chokepoint and the system Kheram. We spent several months operating there before the war came to a violent end and we moved elsewhere to ply our trade.

Verone continued to share his story of his life as a member of the well kwown piracy corporation and tells us that a real turning point came when he learned the art of ransoming. Verone: “I was flying with a friend and we spotted a lone apocalypse mining a belt, we attacked it with our badly set up blackbirds and defeated it's armor tank, and asked for a ransom. My first ever ransom was paid, fifty million isk, split two ways between us and we were happy. Since then just about everyone I’ve managed to snare I ransomed, if they had anything of value.” I asked Verone why he decided to take a break from piracy, and he told me that for the last five week no one refused to pay his ransom and he has been terrible successful. Part of his success he owes to his openhearted nature and the fact that he is very much in the spotlight, it’s hard to ignore such a charismatic personality. In the end people even paid him before he even asked for a price, and that’s all because of his fame, people trust his word because they feel they know him. It hasn’t been reported that Verone has ever broken his word, that may be another reason why people do trust him.

Yet, the most important reason Verone gave me for his break was his recent relation with a young pilot named Siren Shiva. Thanks to Siren Verone was given the possibility to take a vacation is a well patrolled region of space under the protection of the Northern Intelligence and their friends. Veron was full of kind words for Shiva and it does sound like he has found a woman who makes a worthy counterpart. Even in this dire time for Verone, with the recent loss of his brother, Shiva is there to offer all the support he could need. And in that light he asked this question:

Verone: "Shiva, I love you with all my heart, will you do me the greatest pleasure and honor I could ever hope and dream for, and allow me to take your hand in marriage?"

I only wish more men weren’t so blind to see what’s in front of them, and all the single females in eve will surely regret that this noble tough guy is taken when or if Siren accepts.