Gladitorial combat spills into the public arena

The rumours of gladiatorial raiding parties attacking Amarrian Vitoc convoys were confirmed late last night, as a convoy led by Edooba Ashwan was ambushed in the Rasile system.

One Bestower, belonging to the Amarr Trade Registry, was destroyed in the conflict and many slaves onboard were taken by the seemingly rogue gladiators. The Impel carrying the Vitoc shipment escaped relatively unscathed, and Ashwan commended the pod pilots who helped to fight off the gladiators, mentioning Garreck, Pulgor, Ceratin and Argentarius especially.

Both sides of the conflict took some losses, but the combined force of the CVA and Aegis Militia pilots held the gladiators at bay, allowing the convoy to escape. Commenting on the whole affair, Edooba Ashwan had the following to say: "These gladiators are highly skilled pilots, and showed the utmost respect to myself and the other Amarrians present. When speaking about the nature of the attack, they simply stated that it had to be done. It's all very confusing."

Speculation is high that these attacks may be linked to the murders of two prominent slaveholders, Rezini Lifu and Bamadak Pareh. It is, however, not yet supported by any conclusive evidence.