Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue.

Mass Exodus comes out of The Blue. It is worrying when almost 50% of the founding members suddenly and without warning leave an alliance. This is what happened just a few days ago to The Big Blue Alliance.

The Big Blue Alliance was set up shortly after the fall of XECTIC Alliance, set up by a number of the largest industrial corporations within the EvE Universe. With the goals of making lawless space free for all to live and trade. TBB incorporates not only N.A.G.A., one of EvE largest manufacturers of Tech2 components and ships but also has the EvE University. A corporation specifically set up to help new and budding pilots in the transition from terra firma to pod pilot.

TBB is clear in its goals, Harokas of N.A.G.A. explained; “the dictatorial aspect of this alliance is only related to the core vision”. He also commented on the leadership stance of TBB; “what we have here is a constitutional monarchy.” A stance that was to lose them many of its founding member corporations.

Rumours reached the Interstellar Correspondents news desk on Sunday of last week. The news was of trouble brewing inside of TBB and of the malcontent growing within its fragile walls. Not 24 hours later the IC reporters were on the scene to find the empty seats of the TBB still warm. Almost 50% of the member corporations had terminated its allegiances to the TBB.

When asked about the mass exodus Harokas played down the loses to “disagreements on how to conduct decision making regarding the TBB”, while he was clear in commenting that: “Facing up this fact we talked it down and left there as good friends. While Harokas was humble in mentioning that this was the first alliance experience for N.A.G.A, coupled with the executor role it choose to take, but “mistakes were made” he said, “in many aspects of the alliance but that they are moving on and re-evaluating their methods.”

The X-Trading Company, Omega Enterprises and Infinite Improbability Incorporated left with a bad taste in their mouths. Ranger, of The X-Trading Company spoke out regarding the sudden changes within TBB. He said that it was the “insurmountable differences with our 3 corps and N.A.G.A, not about WHAT we want to do but HOW to do it. Our 3 corps are 100% democratic based, while N.A.G.A. thought about another leadership model with them in the leading role.” He was seemed to be in an emotional state regarding swift egress when he stated clearly; “We couldn’t accept a dictatorship of N.A.G.A. so we decided to leave”

Clearly X-Trading felt as if they had been spoofed or beguiled by N.A.G.A. who they claim started the TBB under false pretenses. He went on to point out that while their visions and goals were the same but their paths to those goals were very different. Ranger believes that N.A.G.A. tried to use their reputation to turn others into admiring followers, but when N.A.G.A. invited a purely combat based corporation into the alliance with the sole goal of conquering space for the TBB it was time to leave.

N.A.G.A. have strongly stood by its claim that it is a peaceful, neutral entity that does not want to ‘claim’ any part of space, but to open it up to free trade. While the leaving corporations did not echo this side of N.A.G.A., it did however have the same vision in mind but via a different route.

While little evidence has yet to be seen of any major moves by TBB to becoming a territorial based alliance? If the events of the last few days are to be taken into consideration then a close eye needs to be squared firmly on the future moves of the TBB. While the important question that is on lips of everyone whenever N.A.G.A. comes under any fire has been clarified. Will the prices and availability of N.A.G.A. products suffer because of this loss in industrial might? Harokas categorically stated, “Of course this is a setback, but NAGA & Stepstone catalogue won't be affected at all!” A great relief to many out there currently holding order tickets for N.A.G.A.’s products. All that is left to see now is if the words of last week come to fruition, one way or another?