The difference between madness and ambition, an update on Evolution and BoB

We started discussing the history of Evolution briefly. They have been an established name for a few years and are well known for their ability to start or end a disagreement rather swiftly. They don’t allow people to stand in their way and are used to doing exactly what they want, in their own time. ‘Adapt or Die’ has been a favourite saying of Evolution in the past, according to SirMolle it’s not just a motto but fact. Considering their history this doesn’t sound too farfetched. It’s clear that SirMolle is different from the other pilots who have been interviewed, his answers are brief and too the point. Always mindful not to give away too much information that can be used by others in the future, Sir Molle remembering Evolution’s first large war:

SirMolle: “Our first "real" war was with the creation of FA, where we invaded the Fountain region with the help of Xanadu and OEC and Cornexant. We wanted that region. The locals went up in arms protecting it madly. It ended up with us forming the FA who we later killed. We have been in many wars, too many to tell them all. In almost every major conflict we have been in the middle. They just happen where we are. The FA we later killed was nowhere near the FA we formed, they were strangers. We don’t like strangers taking over what we create”.

In the past Evolution has been strong Sarum supporters and I asked SirMolle more regarding their past as vocal Amarr supporters. At this point in time the Amarr affairs are not given a high priority by Evolution. It the conversation it seems that SirMolle is disappointed and frustrated at the Amarr, calling the ones in charge pansy’s. During the coronation ceremony Evolution’s most disgruntled pilot called Deathwing tried to assassinate the new chosen Emperor. He failed, yet as we all know the last Amarr emperor is dead. SirMolle refuses to answer whether Evolution has attempted another assassination and succeeded this time. It seems Evolution has no interest in the affairs of the Amarr, however if Sarum decides to make a claim to the empty throne Evolution may step up behind them and give them their support.

So what has the attention of Evolution and BoB at the moment? Nothing too outrageous, only the desire to take over the entire universe, a region at the time. It seems that SirMolle is disappointed with the old Empires and longs for it’s own empire, with it’s own emperor. I asked more about this project of Evolution and BoB.

Arielle deVoir > How far will this empire stretch?
SirMolle: There will be no boundaries. We will control everything.
Arielle devoir: All low security regions?
SirMolle: We are creating an EMPIRE. Low security space is like stealing candy from babies.
Arielle devoir: So your goal and BoB's goal is to control the entire universe? Every system, every corner and all in the middle?
SirMolle : Watch us go.

At this point I started to question the sanity of it all, sure Evolution can be confident because their history is filled with victories, but attacking all the empires? I told SirMolle that people would think it is madness but he’s reply was that Evolution has been considered mad for attacking Curse, Fountain and the Phoenix Alliance. Then he said the most surprising thing :

SirMolle > We are, quite mad.

I tried to gather more information about how Evolution operates, and slavery plays a very interesting part in this corporation. It seems many members of this corporation started as a slave. SirMolle confided that slaves are given the chance to elevate themselves when they give everything to the corporation, their life included. _Evolution _is not a common corporation, it’s a machine and everyone is a part of it, the CEO included. When you join Evolution you can forget about other issues, Evolution will be your new family and it welcomes new relatives if they prove themselves worthy by slavery. Valora, a new member of Evolution, said that she is glad to have been able to experience several roles before becoming a member. I asked another slave if it doesn’t annoy him to take orders, not to be free to decide what to do. Talon'dor’ answer : “ I do think for myself, it is not my masters need to understand how I carry out his bidding to the most minute of details. I am free to be creative in this manner so long as it meets his goal, which is one I believe in too, so therefore it is my own goal”. For many Evolution has gone too far in this new approach to slavery, now even pilots graduated from the best academy’s enter slavery or at least servitude willingly.

Some readers may remember the articles on Jade Constantine and Viger Fell, both people who fight to be free of all constraints. There seems to be a real contradiction in what they fight for and what Evolution and even BoB desire, a new empire with a new emperor. SirMolle doesn’t expect a real resistance from the Minmatar for his and his corporation acts of slavery nor from Jericho. Jericho is smart and realises when something is impossible to accomplish, they remain friends of BoB because they are useful. SirMolle would not say what function Jericho performs that makes them useful at this time.

Like Evolution the alliance Bands of Brothers seems to work as a machine, each corporation who is a member brings something to the whole and they are their better and worse half’s. SirMolle is confident that the war with Imperium will be over soon, according to SirMolle the corporations are leaving the alliance daily.

SirMolle: “We expect them to seek shelter further north. It's a pity, we expected more.”
Arielle deVoir: “Do you regret it in a way that no one has offered any real resistance to BoB?”
SirMolle: “Yes, we thrive on challenges; we seek them out and live off them.”