An interview with Khaldorn Murino, part two

Arielle deVoir: Are you concerned about the safety of Eckarine Mitumi?
Khaldorn Murino: You mean Eckarine Hnolku, I take it? We swore a blood oath to free her, and we do not take such things lightly. We had a location on her in the Bleak Lands, but were unable to effect a rescue before the Amarrians started a war against the Blood Raiders. Our agents search for her in the new Blood lands, but without success at the moment. But rest assured, we swore to the doctor that we would save his wife - and we will.
Arielle deVoir: What was your reaction to the recent news about Mrs. Mitumi-Hnolku?
Khaldorn Murino: It cannot be easy with those fanatics, they are truly the most depraved scum… but if this news is anything to go by then we have failed her as well as the doctor. I do not like to think what the bloods will do with her knowledge. How could we help? By doing what we do best – fighting. If we found out her location, I have faith we could retrieve her. You would be surprised, after years of raiding the Amarr Empire for our people, at what we can do, my dear. And we owe those Bloods.
Arielle deVoir: What do you think the Bloodraiders will use the Cure for?
Khaldorn Murino: Now? Who can say? They used it to attack the Empire before, to devastating effect, but they left our people to die! They are unpredictable. But I would say their hate for the Empire has, if anything, only increased.
Arielle deVoir: Do you think the Amarr Empire will stop the Blood Raiders in time?
Khaldorn Murino: They have forced them away from their previous base. I would say the threat of attack has reduced. The Amarr Empire is sometimes slow to react, but we have learnt not to underestimate them. To answer your question, I cannot say for sure. The best we can hope for is to react quickly and rescue as many of our people as we can. We were too late at Mabnen.
Arielle deVoir: A very unfortunate event that was. Do you have anything to add in closing?
Khaldorn Murino: To organisations and people reading this news piece, if you have the ability to help us, you can save countless people from a life of torment. Help us. Help our people.
Arielle deVoir: Would you welcome people willing to join your alliance or corporation to offer protection if it will be needed?
Khaldorn Murino: If they can help us, then we will do our best to protect them. We always welcome fighters for freedom, but we have a few tricks up our sleeves yet.
Arielle deVoir: Vice Admiral Murino of the Ushra’Khan, thank you for your time.
Khaldorn Murino: Thank you, Miss deVoir. Fly free.