Caldari Alliance Championship, the Last day

The final battle was held yesterday at midnight between Band of Brothers and Kaos Empire. Before this last fight of the tournament, the two alliances both had to fight their way through the quarters and semi finals of the championship, encountering well known alliances such as Red Alliance, the Five, The R0ck and Tribal Souls.

Band of Brothers met Tribal Souls in the quarter finals and quickly took out their support ships leaving only the battleship of Tribal Souls to stand up alone against the onslaught of missiles coming from BlackLights’ Caldari Navy Raven. The Band of Brothers won this battle with their usual tactics of attacking fast and removing the support with minimal losses on their side.
KAOS Empire was destined to fight the Red Alliance during the quarters and it was actually the Red Alliance’s second match of the entire championship. Both side moved towards each other when the battle started and both the battleships and both the heavy assault cruisers went on a 1 vs. 1. Kozak from KAOS Empire, flying a Navy Megathron, decided to focus his attention on the heavy assault cruiser which went down rapidly after that. The enemy wolf was next on their agenda leaving the full team of KAOS Empire to focus on the remaining Megathron of the Red Alliance flown by Daroh. The result was another flawless victory for KAOS Empire.

In the semi-finals BoB faced the pilots Tyrrax Thorrk, Homo Erectus and Jim Raynor who were fighting on behalf of The Rock, who were using a Crusader, a Guardian and a Caldari Navy Raven. In earlier rounds Tyrrax was seen flying Imperial battleships such as the Armageddon and Apocalypse. Tyrrax told me they switched ships because they expected this would be the hardest fight to win and they wanted to surprise BoB using a different tactic, where the Guardian and the Raven repaired each other. Sadly Jim Raynor activated his modules a second to late to repair Homo Erectus and in that time BoB took down the Guardian. Before this both teams did minimal damage towards each other but by missing a repair on the Guardian the Rock gave BoB the room to do some serious damage; an opportunity they did not waste. After the Guardian was downed, BoB destroyed the crusader and focused their fire on Jim Raynor in the Raven who was able to tank it for a few minutes until apparently he had run out of energy.
Kaos Empire fought against the Five using the same tactic as they used throughout the championships, moving in towards the other team while sticking close together and help each other tank whatever the enemy throws at them. This time the Deimos of Kaos Empire flown by Kunming received all the missiles from Kayosoni in the Rattlesnake, but with the help of his teammates he was able to tank the damage. The only time it was a close call for the Deimos was when he was out of the range of Kozak who couldn’t keep him repaired. The error was corrected swiftly, though, showing that these pilots knew what they were doing. KOAS ignored the rattlesnake and focused on the supporting ships of the Five and in the end fisho’s Ishtar couldn’t withstand the fire and was destroyed leaving Kayosoni to face the full team of Kaos Empire. Yet again KAOS Empire proved to be a tight team in this fight and fought their way into the finals with the most flawless victories of the championship

Band of Brothers team consisted out of the same ships as their previous round, Blacklight in a Caldari Navy Issue, Alasse Cuthalion in an Eagle and TWD flying a Taranis. Kaos Empire’s team remained unchanged with Kozak in a Navy Issued Megathron, Kunming in a Deimos and almightybig in an Ishkur. When the battle started TWD rushed in to remove the support of KAOS Empire, sadly he had to run away from their drones. The rest of BoB approached steadily, while the Megathron was tanking the Raven and the Eagle while trying to get into his optimal. BoB realizes this and moved back. After TWD had succumbed to the drones the two battleships focused on each other with the support of their heavy assault cruisers. Kozak’s Megathron was destroyed in the end but the Raven from BoB followed shortly after, leaving only Alasse on the field against the cruiser who was half into armor and the frigate of Kaos Empire. Alasse focused on destroying Kunming while tanking the damage of his Deimos and the Ishkur. This went on for some time until Alasse surprised everyone by removing the Deimos successfully. The Ishkur then tried to stay out of range of Alasse but it couldn’t outrun the missiles. BoB has won the Championship by sheer persistence of the Eagle pilot Alasse Cuthalion.

You can view the recorded holoreels of this final battle by going here , and expect in-depth interviews from Kaos Empire and Band of Brothers regarding their set up and tactics soon.