ISS Marginis Outpost open for business

CATCH. The first publicly owned Outpost, ISS Marginis, has opened for business last October 26th.

Finished more than one month ahead of schedule, the Gallente Administrative-type Outpost located at the KDF-GY system is expected to inititate operations with unrestricted access to all pilots regardless their affiliation. Docking rights may be reevaluated in case of acts of piracy in the Outpost’s and neighboring systems, or due to committing acts of aggression towards the ISS Alliance.

“We have deliberately built it in unclaimed space, near the highways leading to and from empire space and close to the great southern alliances,” announced ISS Chairman Mr. Count TaSessine in their press release, “designed to be a trade hub, and we hope that in time, it will become the new Yulai of the southern 0.0 regions. We have chosen a Gallente Administrative Outpost which, to our knowledge, is the first outpost of this type in Eve, for its market and office facilities to promote commerce.”

According to Mr. TaSessine, “The ISS Navy will enforce the neutrality of the system”, although whether or not such objective will be indeed possible is subject to ample debate. “ISS takes a pretty big gamble” said pod-pilot political analyst Rod Blaine, “on being able to walk the standing tightrope well enough to avoid anyone in the area stepping in and removing them.”

Technically owned by the ISS Marginis Outpost Corporation [ISSMO], the project was financed through a 3-phase Initial Public Offering held at the beginning of October, in which 3600 shares at 10m Isk per unit were acquired in less than 10 days, the first operation of its kind and volume among the pod-pilot community.

As yet another original marketing move, insta-jump bookmarks to the station will be available on the market through escrow for a nominal fee, both in the Marginis system and in 0.0 entry systems. The bookmarks are offered to be freely traded between pod-pilots, corporations and alliances.

The Outpost will offer Market and Docking facilities to the general public, and four Offices are currently being auctioned; factories and labs are at present only available to ISS member corporations