Caldari Championships, the Second Day

The second and third rounds of the Caldari alliance championship were held yesterday and the teams were clearly better matched against each other. Witnessing many thrilling fights and spectacular tactics, we have seen some of the world's most expensive ships being used. The losses are estimated at several billion ISK with still one more day to go.

The Rock showed up in the second round using one of the rarest ships in New Eden; the Imperial Armageddon. The Sudden Death Squad stood their ground and fought well but in the end they lost their Machariel to one of the finest Amarr ships in existence. In the third round The Rock decided to replace their Armageddon with an Imperial Apocalypse, matched up against the United Confederation of Corporations. After losing his frigate and cruiser allies, the UCC Raven faced the Imperial Apocalypse and Retribution alone. Needless to say, his tank couldn't withstand that much firepower.

3rd Front Alliance pilot Clipped Wings displayed his skills in piloting the Megathron on the battlefield by going around the center of the battlefield and surprising Prime Orbital System's Machariel pilot by ending up right behind it while their Deimos distracted the Machariel. Having a Megathron sneak up on somebody is not an easy task but somehow, Clipped Wing pulled it off. The Machariel flown by Lene Jones was still focused on killing the 3rd Front's Deimos while his enemies shot down his team's Eagle. After a few minutes 3rd Front emerged victorious.

One of the pleasant surprises of this championship is KAOS Empire, an alliance we haven't heard much of previously but which is proving to be one of the stronger contestants in this tournament. Their first fight of was against Stain Empire, with SE fighting one man down, the KE's Navy Megathron didn't have much of a problem taking down the SE's Raven and Deimos, resulting in a flawless victory for KAOS Empire. Another match that was eagerly awaited by many was the one between Electus Matari and the Aegis Militia. Aegis Militia has been using a fearsome Tempest and the entire team has been working together like a well oiled machine clearly sticking to the same tactics of yesterday. The favorite of many Minmatar has been defeated by the Aegis Militia who are still proud to be Amarr.

You can find the overview of all matches here. Another useful tool to keep up to date as the battles progress can be found here.

Best of luck to the eight teams still remaining.