Uncertainty within the TeddyBears. Possible Disbandment?

We all know, or at least heard about the ominous and at times ubiquitous pilots belonging to the TeddyBears Corporation. It has recently come to the attention of this reporter that the long standing CEO & Founder of the Teddybears, Zarquon Beeblebrox, has resigned her position in favour of pursuing different aspects and possibilities in her career.

I have caught up with Lady Beeblebrox as she was leaving a clandestine meeting between herself and unnamed parties belonging to the upper echelons of Guiding Hand Social Club. She has graciously agreed to provide me with some answer to my deeply burning questions. Over a hot cup of java we have discussed the long-standing position Teddybears have had in the underworld of EVE Universe. She told me how the idea has come about, to her and to Myal Terego, after departing Celestial Apocalypse, to create a ‘small corporation’ where they could ‘pirate under the same banner,’ so to speak. I was enthralled by tales of their long travels, and about arduous months of establishing themselves in Pure Blind region. Lady Beeblebrox told me about the ‘Great Northern War’ and how they had to scrap everything in Pure Blind and move to Syndicate when the profits had become scarce. She told me about the great adventures – when they first arrived in Syndicate and allied with TunDragons and Bone Collectors. According to her, that region of space has been ‘milked for what it was worth’ by their conjoined efforts.

She has further elaborated on the governing reasons behind TeddyBears. The fact they always wished to stay relatively small, with “no political affiliations” and “none of those Non-Aggression pacts.” According to her, one of the most important factors that set ‘Teddys’ aside from many other ‘space buccaneers’ was that they “always kept their word.” Some pod-pilots have called TeddyBears an honourable pirate corporation – I was able to obtain an elaboration from Lady Beeblebrox as to what she thinks this term means, and I quote: “Eve is a harsh place. Every pilot who is able to graduate from a naval school is a rare kind of person. We respect that. Even though we have made a living of their cargo and wallets we always respect our prey. It has been a holy thing for us to hold our word to our opponent, whether they were ransomed, or if we promised to honour a 1 vs. 1. We never broke our word.”

To the question as to what she believes to be the most important and pivotal accomplishment of the TeddyBears, she replied: “That we have become world known for piracy, yet, still have a surprisingly good reputation for our attitude toward our foes.” She further expressed a great regret over the fact that TeddyBears had become “predictable over time” in its tactics, and she was clearly worried that her disengagement from the corporation might not bode well for its future. It was touching to watch this strong-willed and, as we are well aware, ruthless captain express how heartbroken she is for the ones she has left behind and that she understand that some members might be “having a hard time comprehending that it was her time to find new challenges and new obstacles to overcome.”

At this point this reporter decided to ask as to the nature of her visit with the Guiding hand Social Club directors. Surprisingly, Lady Beeblebrox informed me, quite light-heartedly, that I shouldn’t worry – and she understands my curiosity. She told me that she has accepted a job offer from the Guiding Hand Social Club and is looking forward to contributing her best to the corporation.

Concluding the interview, I asked her one last question. I wanted to hear what advise she had to offer to the budding young pirates out there; she replied: “Jump into it with your both feet...that is the only way to learn how to become a pirate. You can’t be told how it feels to be jammed down and not able to do anything, or how it feels when you achieve your first kill. You need to go out there and learn the hard way. Respect your prey, use your brain and be polite. Do your best in becoming better than you are…”

On a related note, I have contacted Mr. Chode Rizoum, member on the Board of Directors of TeddyBears. He expressed to me his regrets over the resignation of Zarquon Beeblebrox and has confirmed my suspicions that after her departure TeddyBears might be no more, at least in the name. He went further to state that they are “probably making a new corp… with almost all the Teddys. Just a new name, going to build our own reputation since many of the old-school Teddys are not around anymore. I think it would be a good idea, to start a new reputation for ourselves.”

I mentioned my conversation with Lady Beeblebrox and how highly she valued an ideal of an ‘honourable pirate.’ I asked Mr. Rizoum whether he thinks the new corporation and its members will adhere to that ideal and rules that come with it. His reply was: “Of course! We have always had strict rules; even have had to kick members out, people we liked personally. Due to them breaking some of these rules.” Mr. Rizoum further stated that “many people are wishing to join Teddys and that if they want to then their best bet is to come down here and try to kill us. We don’t take in people we don’t trust 100% or haven’t been in a fight with.”

When I asked him to comment on the rumour we have been provided regarding TunDragon starting their operations again, and the possible plan to disband Teddybears completely and joining the TunDragons – he refused. According to him there are still many factors involved and whatever I have heard is, at this point, a pure speculation.

I put it to my readers then. TunDragon has begun operating again. It is clear, although not stated, that the resignation of Zarquon Beeblebrox has caused severe tensions within TeddyBears’ ruling elite. The fact that Mr. Godwin Cadela, a current CEO of the TeddyBears, has been known to have a close relationship with TunDragon, and the fact that TeddyBears themselves have a long standing and a fruitful relationship with TunDragon Corporation leads me to believe that it is a possibilitythat the TeddyBears are going to disband in favour of joining newly de-mothed TunDragon.

The consolidation of TunDragon and TeddyBears will mean only one thing: it will become increasingly more dangerous and increasingly more expensive to operate in any region they choose to establish themselves in and call home. All political and military entities should probably take note of this development and ensure safety of their people.

The eventual dissolution of TeddyBears seems to be inevitable at this point, with them part of EVE history comes to an end. With their members moving on, a new part opens itself for analysis.