ISS left BoB controlled region after break in contracts

The Interstellar Starbase Syndicate has recently come across a bump in the road in the form of the once hospitable Band of Brothers Alliance. With a swift turn around in policy BoB gave ISS just three days to vacate their space, after recently renegotiating its contracts with the ISS.

For many months the ISS has had access to the Period Basis region, a BoB controlled territory, to set-up and maintain their Starbases deep in lawless space. While the terms of the contracts binding both parties remain undisclosed, BoB believed to be of benefit to the ISS.

The ISS being a civilian organization rely on their Charter to control the corporations within its alliance. After a number of suspected breaches in BoB security, that were traced back to secure shared communication channels between BoB and the ISS, BoB requested that the ISS re-evaluate its security procedures.

Serenity Steele, Co-Founder and Executor of the ISS commented regarding recent events. She said “The ISS will require that member corps complete a certain level of security before being allowed to join” but she pointed out that “Security tools only reduce the risk, they don't eliminate it”. When discussing the recent events she made clear that they attempted to resolve breeches in security as they arose, however BoB failed to take action on suggested resolutions.

Serenity Steele was said that BoB refused to set the recommended standings in the past, to ensure only those that needed access was permitted it. “The ISS corps in period basis would be friendly, the ISS corps not in period basis would be shown as neutral. This was to eliminate the possible routes for information leaks.”

After an incident where an ISS pilot was seen flying and attacking BoB pilots the ISS were informed that their contracts were terminated. They had been given three days to remove their belongings from deep lawless space, approximately ten freighter loads or equipment and numerous personnel. The ISS immediately attempted to open political discussions with BoB but were faced with a wall of silence. BoB had made its mind up.

Shrike, Evolution commented on the actions taken by BoB. He was said that BoB had a simplistic view “We live by the gun. We are creating an empire with whatever means it takes.” When I asked Shrike about negotiations she replied that: “The gun is the biggest negotiator, the biggest guns set the rules.” This philosophy is rife throughout the history of BoB. From its humble roots as a mobile combat force, BoB has grown to become one of the largest territorial Alliances in the EvE Universe.

BoB space is a no go zone for all but the chosen few, as anyone who has strayed to close will testify. The ISS was granted access but when questioned if BoB offers access to others, the response was clear. “No.” Shrike went on to add that it is a question that will not be discussed or answered. While unwilling to comment on any ‘teething’ issues that BoB had with the ISS settlers, Shrike made it clear that BoB viewed the recruitment policy of ISS in a less than favourable way.

Shrike carried on stating that after various security leaks, scouting for enemies and supplying enemies of BoB, that they were on a knife-edge with the ISS. Her description of ISS’ recruitment policy was “oh wow, another pilot/corp that wants in, we'll take anything”. She went on to conclude that after informing the ISS of these allegations that the ISS failed to address the situation. The final nail in the ISS coffin was when an ISS pilot opened fire on a BoB member whilst flying with enemies of BoB. BoB’s thoughts on the matter were clear; “If they can’t control a pilot, they can’t control a corporation, and if they can’t control their corporations, they can’t control the alliance.”

The contract between BoB and the ISS was then rescinded with immediate effect allowing a grace period of three days to withdraw from the regions. BoB are notorious in its ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ attitude, which makes the following comment from Shrike surprising “if it would have been any other entity we would have destroyed them instead of giving them three days to vacate space”.

The withdrawal from BoB space went without disturbance and even pulled the ISS closer together according to Serenity Steele. Both alliances have stated that there is no animosity or bad feelings over this incident towards each other. It was only business. The ISS have said that they are willing to work with BoB in the future and BoB reciprocated adding “If they have anything we want, maybe.”

In an intriguing move BoB has started negotiations with several of the ISS corporations that once inhabited the Period Basis region to allowed them access once again if BoB deems fit. The ISS has passed on its best wishes to these corporations, Serenity Steele sees this as a good opportunity for such corporations as clearly stated in the ISS charter. BoB declined to comment as to whether any corporations had been successful in regaining access.

This is a far cry from the BoB that most of us have come to known. In the past months BoB has allowed industrials into their space and they granted mercy to the ISS when you consider they were given a grace period. Is this a move by BoB away from its traditional ways of the gun or is it a sign of bigger things to come? Only time will tell.