ALMPC return with more events planned

The Ashen Lion Mining and Production Consortium ran a racing event back in June and, after a tough few months, they're back on track, planning another event for this Sunday.

I had the opportunity to speak to Benilopax, CEO of the ALMPC, last night and he's very excited about the coming event which will run through most of the day, starting early in the afternoon. The two main races, to be held in the Kino system, are scheduled for 17:00 Eve Time and 19:00 Eve Time, both promising impressive rewards for first place. The first race will be a Non-Warp race around the station in Kino and the second will be a Warp race around the constellation.

Benilopax is dedicated to bringing regular racing events to the Eve galaxy, so if you feel the need for speed, join channel "Almpc Racing" or contact Benilopax himself.

You can read the public announcement here