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Aulmont Meis Named Head of Senate

  • YC112-04-19

    Villore - In a close vote, Senator Aulmont Meis was named as Mentas Blaque's successor to the coveted position of the Head of Senate. Formerly head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Meis has nearly four decades of experience within the assembly. A graduate of the University of Caille, Meis went on to graduate studies in international relations at the prestigious Hedion University in the Amarr Empire. Mr Meis returned to Caille to pursue his doctorate in diplomatic studies. After serving in [...]

    Provists Call for Quafe to Lose State Corporation Status

    • YC112-04-16

      New Caldari - Quafe Company shares dropped today on the major Caldari exchanges following a petition to the Chief Executive Panel by the Caldari Providence Directorate to revoke the Gallente firm's State-granted corporate status. Citing Quafe's ties to the Federation and its government, the Directorate's petition states Quafe's unique status as the only non-Caldari corporation with domestic corporate sovereignty and its attendant rights pose an "insidious economic and political threat to the stability [...]

      Ardishapur focuses on ''roots of the faith'' and ''embracing new races into the traditional fold''

      • YC112-04-16

        Amarr Prime - The first of Yonis Ardishapur's speaking engagements was held today in Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime. Speaking before a crowd of just under a thousand for little over an hour, the heir has focused mainly on his views on religion, the Empire, and the roles of all peoples in its future. Ardishapur called on all those attending the event to "remember where you came from. Be you a freed slave, a descendant of slaves, a merchant, a Navy officer, a Holder, or even royalty, it is paramount to [...]

        Nominations Begin for Head of Senate

        • YC112-04-16

          Villore - Today's lively Senate session was given over entirely to the internal process of naming and winnowing down candidates for the vacant Head of Senate position. Early debate has identified three potential front-runners for the position. Vance Opheron, who currently serves as chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, was quickly nominated and seconded by a large contingent of senators who feel his experience on military matters would serve the nation well. In light of the ongoing armed conflict [...]

          CPD Press Conference: ‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear’

          • YC112-04-15

            New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate held a press conference today in an effort to allay fears about its inquiry into the Crielere Project. The inquiry has drawn criticism from members of the public following the detainment of several individuals. The total number of citizens questioned in the inquiry is unknown thus far, although a CPD spokesman described the inquiry as "comprehensive, concentrated and complete." Former employees on the project, including scientists, laboratory [...]

            Mentas Blaque Announces Senate Resignation

            • YC112-04-14

              Villore - After a long and distinguished career, Senator Mentas Blaque announced today that he would be stepping down from his elected position in the Gallente Senate effective immediately. With over two years remaining in his current term, Senator Blaque's early departure will trigger a special election within his home district to name a successor. Of greater importance is the loss of Blaque's leadership role as the Head of Senate. For years, Mentas Blaque has had a direct hand in shaping Gallente [...]

              Ardishapur to begin empire-wide speaking tour

              • YC112-04-13

                The Ardishapur Family announced that Yonis Ardishapur will tour the Empire over the coming weeks. The royal heir, whose recent success within the Ammatar Mandate has led to high popularity in that domain, is planning on speaking engagements in a variety of venues and locations. Coming on the heels of his actions following the terrorist bombing that claimed the life of High Deacon Mervan Moritok, the heir expressed a desire to "connect with the true people of Amarr and revitalize their faith and [...]

                Ishukone Negotiates Terms With Federation Regulators

                • YC112-04-12

                  Algogille - Trade negotiators from Ishukone Corporation arrived in Algogille today, where they plan to meet with Federal Administration representatives in order to discuss a relaxation of Federation restrictions put in place shortly after the invasion of Caldari Prime. According to Ishukone, the corporation was invited to meet with the Federal Administration by the president's office last month. While President Roden has taken a hard line against the Caldari occupation of Caldari Prime, he has made [...]

                  Reppola, Osmon Meeting With SuVee Leadership

                  • YC112-04-07

                    Saisio - Sukuuvestaa news networks are reporting that the company's executive board met with Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and Hyasyoda CEO Ahtonen Osmon today at the company's Saisio headquarters. The meeting appears to have been planned in secret, or at least called on short notice, as Saisio traffic control was alerted of the two CEOs' arrival only minutes before Reppola's Chimera-class carrier jumped into the system. Such a high level meeting between the leader of the State's Liberal political bloc [...]

                    Crielere Inquiry Announced by the Caldari Providence Directorate

                    • YC112-04-06

                      New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate announced an inquiry into the Crielere project today, amid rumors that evidence of "anti-Caldari" activities has been unearthed. Nugoeihuvi recently began research for a documentary about the Crielere Project, and it is understood that the CPD became interested in the project after a researcher leaked information concerning a private deal between Jacus Roden and an unconfirmed Caldari megacorporation. The Crielere Project was a joint Caldari and [...]

                      CBT Investigators Arrest Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO

                      • YC112-04-05

                        Litiura - Caldari Funds Unlimited CEO Jaan Omura was taken into custody this morning by investigators from the Caldari Business Tribunal on charges of treason, espionage, fraud, and embezzlement. The arrests accompanied a continuing investigation into financial malfeasance at the State's largest independent bank. A Tribunal release laid out the charges against Omura, which stem from a series of "unusual financial transactions" between accounts registered to Omura at Caldari Funds Unlimited, the State [...]

                        Secondary Explosions Lead to Further Loss of Life

                        • YC112-04-05

                          Pashanai - A series of secondary explosions has rocked the shattered hulk of the Ministry of War station in Pashanai. Given the extensive and ongoing rescue and recovery operations taking place, this new series of blasts is sure to add to the death toll, especially among responders and aid workers. It is unclear as yet what caused these secondary blasts. While some theorize that they are the result of charges placed by the original terrorists with the express purpose of targeting first responders, the [...]

                          Kaalakiota Currency Board Devalues Scrip By 2%

                          • YC112-04-03

                            Nonni - The Kaalakiota corporate bank's currency board voted to devalue Kaalakiota corporate scrip by 2% today, causing panic in several major Kaalakiota enclaves and making clear the ongoing troubles in the Caldari State. While the company's stock has declined nearly 10% in the last week, the board's action appears to have halted the decline for now. The currency board stated that the change was made to rebalance the corporation's ISK holdings, blaming illegal currency exchanges in the Intaki [...]

                            Tibus Heth Creates State Loyalty Tribunal

                            • YC112-04-02

                              Nonni - State Executor Tibus Heth has ordered the creation of the "State Loyalty Tribunal," an independent committee tasked with investigating national security threats within the highest ranks of Caldari corporate and political power. "Recent events have made it clear that our enemies seek to subvert the State at every level," said Heth. "The State Loyalty Tribunal will bring an end to this and prevent further infiltration." Asiaineras Isuki, commander of the Home Guard's Surveillance Division, has [...]

                              Republic University Scholar Causes Controversy over Pashanai Attack

                              • YC112-04-02

                                Hulm - A senior scholar at the Republic University upset many Amarr citizens today over his comments regarding the attack in the Pashanai system system a week ago. Erglan Vros, a Krusual professor of social studies at the Republic University, made the controversial remarks during an interview to The Wider Social Review, a respected Gallente-based political analysis journal. When asked by TWSR on last week's events in the Amarr Empire and their effects on the Minmatar Republic's future, Vros stated [...]

                                Kaalakiota Corporate Bank May Devalue Scrip

                                • YC112-03-30

                                  Nonni - As Kaalakiota's corporate currency board meets for the third straight day, rumors continue to circulate that the company is considering a significant devaluation of their corporate scrip. Sources within the company's central bank say that the board is considering this step due to a sudden spike in Kaalakiota scrip-to-ISK transfers, which corporate economists are blaming on black market currency exchanges in the Intaki Syndicate. No megacorporation has considered such a step in nearly two [...]

                                  Station Vacancies on the Rise at Pashanai Blast Site

                                  • YC112-03-29

                                    Pashanai - Commercial and residential station vacancies have risen sharply since the Bloody Hands of Matar attack on the Ministry of War Bureau Offices station at Pashani III. Businesses across the system continue to cancel rental agreements, while some homes have simply been abandoned. Kadeyn Osirani, a rental agent at the local Amarr Certified News Development Studio, said several reasons, from changing plans to "unsafe conditions," have been given for the termination. The development studio orbits [...]

                                    Khanid Innovation, Modern Finances Buy Stake in Samarkand Financial

                                    • YC112-03-28

                                      Khanid Prime - Khanid Innovation and Modern Finances have announced that they now own a controlling stake in the Khanid Kingdom's largest investment bank, Samarkand Financial. The move, which is the culmination of two months of negotiations, gives Modern Finances an even stronger presence in the Khanid Kingdom and secures a strong financial partner for Khanid Innovation, one of today's most powerful Khanid corporations. Samarkand Financial has been a large player in the Khanid financial sector for [...]

                                      Senior Caldari Funds Unlimited Personnel Resign

                                      • YC112-03-26

                                        Litiura - Four highly placed members of Caldari Funds Unlimited's executive staff resigned today, as reports continue to trickle out of the Caldari Business Tribunal regarding its ongoing investigation of the State's largest independent bank. The Tribunal has now confirmed that it has opened an investigation into the corporation's finances, and details are emerging as to the exact nature of the irregularities being looked into. The four CFU executives, Sirotova Fukikaga, Tsurkuma Siainki, Orpakku [...]

                                        Jamyl Sarum meant to have been on Pashanai station at time of explosion, cancelled briefly before incident

                                        • YC112-03-26

                                          Pashanai - New information has come to light on the explosion that occurred yesterday at a Ministry of War station in Pashanai. According to station manifests, Empress Jamyl Sarum was scheduled to make a short stop at the station at the time the explosion happened. Sarum was making a diplomatic tour of the outlying areas in commemoration of St. Kuria's Day, a little-known Amarr religious holiday observed annually by the Holders and the religious establishment, though it is generally not celebrated [...]

                                          Yonis Ardishapur addresses badly shaken Empire, sends personal fleet to assist with relief efforts

                                          • YC112-03-25

                                            Ardishapur Prime - Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur has just addressed the Amarr Empire in a widely telecast speech. Speaking from the steps of his palace on Ardishapur Prime, the heir outlined several strategies for dealing with the aftermath, offered words of comfort to those affected, and pledged to use his personal resources to ensure the tragedy was dealt with as completely as possible. "You can never prepare for a day like this," he said, "when the cruelty and evil of the world for one terrible [...]

                                            BREAKING: Mervan Moritok confirmed casualty,

                                            • YC112-03-25

                                              Pashanai - Mervan Moritok, head of the Theology Council, has been confirmed as one of the roughly six thousand casualties of the Pashanai explosion. Habi Ghamri, Commander of Security at the Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order, has furthermore gone on record to state the explosion was not, as previously believed, caused by an accidental gas leak, but rather represented an orchestrated act of terrorism. "This was no accident. It is an empire-wide criminal investigation at this point and will continue [...]

                                              Amarr Construction sends specialists to ailing station.

                                              • YC112-03-25

                                                Nererut - At a hastily-organized press conference today, Amarr Construction Assembly Manager Terma Tesh declared that a team comprised of their best structural engineers, site workers and nanite technicians had already departed for Pashanai. The team will work to stabilize the station structurally and attempt to keep essential services running in support of rescue and evacuation efforts. When pressed on the matter of security, Tesh revealed no Minmatar workers were selected for the specialist team.

                                                Slave rescue corps first responders

                                                • YC112-03-25

                                                  Pashanai - Following the massive explosion that tore through the Ministry of War station, dozens of first response teams have been deployed to search for survivors. These teams, each numbering nine slaves strong and commanded by an Amarrian overseer, are typical rescue corps employed by the Empire during times of possible danger. "The rescue teams shall enter through several points," explained Captain Jamar Dinn, the Ministry official commanding the effort. "Most will enter through hull breaches and [...]

                                                  BREAKING: Ministry of War office in Pashanai rocked by massive blast

                                                  • YC112-03-25

                                                    Pashanai - Pandemonium has erupted at the Ministry of War's Bureau Offices in the Pashanai system in the past hour. Conflicting reports are still coming in, but several Scope sources have confirmed that a powerful explosion has torn through a number of the station's levels, taking lives and destroying crucial infrastructure. It is unknown at this point what the death toll is, though it is believed to number in the thousands. The Amarr Navy has been placed on high alert and is deploying relief vessels [...]

                                                    BREAKING: Explosion cause unclear, Amarr Navy redeployment

                                                    • YC112-03-25

                                                      Pashanai - The Scope is still attempting to get news on the explosion that apparently ripped through the Ministry of War's Bureau Offices in the Pashanai system. Reports are coming in, but the explosion's cause and the extent of damage remain unclear. What is clear is that the Amarr Navy has begun a massive re-deployment along its border with the Minmatar Republic. We have no comment from the Navy at this time.

                                                      BREAKING: Bloody Hands of Matar claims responsibility for Pashanai explosion

                                                      • YC112-03-25

                                                        Pashanai - The Bloody Hands of Matar, one of the most notorious terrorist organizations in New Eden, has come forward to claim responsibility for the massive explosion on a Ministry of War station at Pashanai III earlier today which claimed the lives of just under 5600 people and destroyed several billion ISK's worth of infrastructure. In a prepared video statement released to several media outlets simultaneously, an unidentified man with a black cloth across his face speaks in a distorted voice, [...]

                                                        President Roden Sends Condolences to Empress; Urges Caution

                                                        • YC112-03-25

                                                          Villore - President Jacus Roden has officially transmitted condolences to Empress Jamyl I following the deaths of several thousand people - including Theology Council head Mervan Moritok - in a devastating explosion at the Amarr Ministry of War station in Pashanai system. Although the explosion was initially believed to be an accident, the Amarr Ministry of Internal Order are now investigating it as an act of terrorism. In a statement on behalf of the Gallente Federation government, the President's [...]

                                                          BREAKING: Theology Council Head potentially among Pashanai dead

                                                          • YC112-03-25

                                                            Pashanai - The first casualties from the site of the Pashanai incident have been confirmed in excess of 4300, according to numbers just released by Amarr Navy High Command. Containment and relief operations are underway at the scene, with several station sectors still either on fire or suffering dangerous gas leaks. It has also been reported that Mervan Moritok, the head of the Theology Council, may have been among those on the station at the time the explosion took place. Attempts to confirm this [...]

                                                            Trade on Ammatar-Minmatar Border Halts as Authorities Impose Order

                                                            • YC112-03-25

                                                              Pashanai - In response to heightened terror alerts across the Amarr Empire following the Pashanai attack, Amarr Customs has mobilized to lock down civilian travel on many heavily trafficked transit routes. At checkpoints along the Ammatar-Minmatar border, the sudden density of traffic and limited customs presence has resulted in complete curtailment of trade and transit vessels. Jaikhan Dhomn, a Thukker merchant employed at the Trust Partners Trading Post in Tanoo, was planning to cross the border [...]

                                                              Zero-G Appoints Third COO in 18 Months

                                                              • YC112-03-23

                                                                Aunenen - The Zero-G Research Firm board voted today to replace the company's COO for the second time in a year and a half after the company posted multi-billion ISK losses for the fourth quarter in a row. The Kaalakiota subsidiary has been dogged by production problems over the last year, despite a promising showing at last fall's Black Rise Development Conference. The next-generation habitat presented at that conference, initially expected to go into production this summer, has been pushed off until [...]

                                                                CBT Investigating Caldari Funds Unlimited, According to Reports

                                                                • YC112-03-21

                                                                  Maurasi - Sources within the Caldari Business Tribunal tell the Scope that the CBT has opened an investigation into financial malfeasance at Caldari Funds Unlimited, the largest independent financial institution in the State. While the exact nature of the investigation was not disclosed, the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that the investigation was looking at decisions made "at the highest level." The repercussions of such an investigation could be enormous, according to [...]

                                                                  CEP Hears Testimony On Financial Situation

                                                                  • YC112-03-14

                                                                    New Caldari - Representatives from the House of Records and Caldari Funds Unlimited testified before a Chief Executive Panel investigatory committee today, painting a bleak picture of future Caldari development in the occupied territories. House of Records analyst Noki Ban led with the most sobering assessment, saying that, "The situation emerging is that many investors were not prepared for the speed and ferocity of the Federation counterattack." According to Ban's economic models, many corporations [...]

                                                                    Caldari Analysts Predict Economic Upheaval

                                                                    • YC112-03-11

                                                                      Jita - The consensus among analysts at an economics conference this week is that the Caldari State has a rough ride ahead, with recent gains by the Gallente militia forces throwing a wrench in the works for many megacorporations. Soon after the Caldari militia completed its conquest of the systems making up the Federal Defense Cordon last year, the Caldari Providence Directorate auctioned off development rights to the affected constellations. The megacorporations involved in the bidding believed the [...]

                                                                      Intaki Assembly Requests FDU Ceasefire

                                                                      • YC112-03-04

                                                                        Intaki - In a brief press conference directed primarily at FDU and independent capsuleers, the Intaki Assembly today requested that all loyalist captains cease hostilities against Ishukone and Mordu's Legion vessels in Intaki space. The Intaki spokesman stated that vessels belonging to the Ishukone Corporation and Mordu's Legion are "present in Intaki at the specific and un-coerced request of the Assembly," adding that "any captains detaining or destroying such vessels are acting directly against the [...]

                                                                        Federal Navy Turned Back at Intaki Stargate

                                                                        • YC112-03-04

                                                                          Intaki - The Federal Navy relief force assigned to re-establish control of the Intaki system was denied access to the Intaki stargate in Agoze earlier today. Representatives of the Intaki System Command reportedly informed Admiral Gouenette, who is commanding the force, that the Navy had no jurisdiction in Intaki, and that their presence was "neither required nor welcomed." After the liberation of Intaki and other systems by Federal Defence Union pilots last week, the Federation Navy rapidly mobilized [...]

                                                                          Former Rescue Team Slaves Content in New Lives

                                                                          • YC112-02-12

                                                                            Annaro - Over a month has passed since a team of 16 Amarr slaves took part in the successful rescue of 176 trapped Caldari miners before being subsequently released. Each of the freed slaves indicates that they are content in their new lives. According to Ducia Foundry, seven of them have returned to their previous owner, The Ducia Foundry, as employees, while the rest have moved on to careers with other astro-surveying teams throughout New Eden. Reporters caught up with Foitien Stourli, one of the [...]

                                                                            Sahtogas System Taken By Tribal Liberation Force

                                                                            • YC112-02-03

                                                                              Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - The Amarr system of Sahtogas fell to Minmatar occupancy yesterday at 14:55. Sahtogas controls the only access point to the Amarr system of Haras, occupancy of which is currently fiercely contested between the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade. The solar system is reported to house considerable mineral wealth, with surveys suggesting the presence of Promethium and several other valuable metals in the local moons. While 24th Imperial Crusade [...]

                                                                              President Roden Assumes Office

                                                                              • YC112-01-18

                                                                                President Jacus Roden formally assumed office earlier today at his inauguration before the Gallente Senate. Shortly beforehand, incumbent President Souro Foiritan made a brief, formal statement to the Senate. Executive power rested briefly with the Senate before Chief Justice Broyal Alserette of the Federation Supreme Court swore in Jacus Roden as the new President of the Federation. To a standing ovation, President Roden then took the rostrum and stood quietly for a moment before motioning for [...]

                                                                                Annaro Mine Rescue Revelations: Illegal Slaves Were Deployed

                                                                                • YC112-01-07

                                                                                  Annaro - Confirmation that the Ducia Foundry team deployed to Annaro system included slave workers emerged last night, sparking controversy and overshadowing the successful rescue of 176 miners from the collapsed CBD Corporation asteroid mine. The Caldari Business Tribunal is reported to have been alerted by individuals within the Annaro police; they are investigating allegations that corporate and civil codes were broken by the local police corporation. According to reports, the rescue team included [...]

                                                                                  Last Minute Annaro Mine Rescue Operation Successful, Survivors Recovered

                                                                                  • YC112-01-05

                                                                                    Annaro - A dangerous rescue operation aimed at recovering 176 Caldari miners trapped in an asteroid proved successful last night . The rescue was performed by an Amarr team from Ducia Foundry experienced on unstable asteroids. Reports indicate that the miners themselves were not informed of the attempt and spent the evening writing final letters to their loved ones. One miner told reporters, "When I heard they were drilling just a few meters away, my first thought was that we were hallucinating from [...]

                                                                                    Compromise Over Slave Rescue Team Offered by Amarr Holder

                                                                                    • YC112-01-04

                                                                                      Annaro - Aszhar Freimala, an Amarr Holder, has offered to purchase and release 16 elite slaves owned by Ducia Foundry for the task of rescuing trapped asteroid miners in Annaro system. Ducia Foundry has agreed to the proposal, but the corporation will not officially release the slaves until after the rescue, citing the need to maintain a solid command structure during the operation. Annaro system police commander Garr Diymir told reporters, "It's a wonderful gesture, but unfortunately doesn't change [...]

                                                                                      Debate Over Use of Slaves in Caldari Mine Rescue Continues

                                                                                      • YC112-01-03

                                                                                        Annaro - Caldari law experts, police, and the families of buried miners continue to debate the possibility of allowing an Amarr team, many of whom are slaves, to attempt a rescue of almost two hundred miners at the collapsed CBD Corporation asteroid mine in the Annaro system. In an interview today, Steen Greimala, director of the Ducia Foundry team, said, "At this point we've got all the data we're going to get about the situation. The longer we wait, the more difficult the extraction will be." [...]

                                                                                        CBD Corporation Under Pressure to Organize Legal Mine Rescue Operation

                                                                                        • YC112-01-01

                                                                                          Annaro - CBD Corporation is under pressure to organize a legal rescue of trapped miners in the Annaro system. Numerous mining and surveying organizations have sent experts to analyze the situation, with only Amarr mining corporation Ducia Foundry offering a rescue team. However, this team is being refused access to the system because of its use of slaves. Steen Greimala, director of the Ducia Foundry team, commented, "I would like to attempt this rescue because I see it as an opportunity for my team [...]