Former Rescue Team Slaves Content in New Lives

New Eden News | YC112-02-12

Annaro - Over a month has passed since a team of 16 Amarr slaves took part in the successful rescue of 176 trapped Caldari miners before being subsequently released. Each of the freed slaves indicates that they are content in their new lives. According to Ducia Foundry, seven of them have returned to their previous owner, The Ducia Foundry, as employees, while the rest have moved on to careers with other astro-surveying teams throughout New Eden.

Reporters caught up with Foitien Stourli, one of the former slaves, hard at work in the depths of yet another asteroid. When asked about his new life, he said, "It's taking some time for me to process. I can't express how grateful I am to Aszhar Freimala and everyone involved. I have great food, shorter hours, and simple comforts. The only thing is that I don't know what to do with all my free time. I'm hoping the Lord will bless me with some purpose out here."

In related news, the former Annaro police commander Garr Diymir was sentenced to two months of house arrest and fined 1,000 ISK for illegally diverting police resources to allow the Ducia Foundry slaves to enter Caldari space and perform the rescue. Unofficial surveys indicate the majority of Caldari citizens support his decision. Diymir cannot legally return to the Annaro police corporation, but he has been offered a position with Spacelane Patrol, CBD Corporation's corporate security force, upon his release from house arrest.