Yonis Ardishapur addresses badly shaken Empire, sends personal fleet to assist with relief efforts

New Eden News | YC112-03-25

Ardishapur Prime - Royal Heir Yonis Ardishapur has just addressed the Amarr Empire in a widely telecast speech. Speaking from the steps of his palace on Ardishapur Prime, the heir outlined several strategies for dealing with the aftermath, offered words of comfort to those affected, and pledged to use his personal resources to ensure the tragedy was dealt with as completely as possible.

"You can never prepare for a day like this," he said, "when the cruelty and evil of the world for one terrible moment reveal themselves in the heart of your home. A great blow has been dealt us this day, but to the brave and loyal souls of the Empire I say: you have faced worse before, and you have prevailed. You now stand faced with this, and now too will you prevail. As God is my witness, we shall weather this storm."

"And make no mistake either that a great man has fallen today. His decades of contribution to the well-being of our nation will pass safe into the realm of history. But let us not forget the other thousands who rejoined our Lord today. Let their sacrifice, and all the pain it's caused us, be the bedrock from which we launch our retribution against those who would harm us. And let no man, woman or child in New Eden think that the Empire will ever let itself be cowed by brutality. Not now, not forever. Amarr Victor."

Several detachments from Ardishapur's personal fleet have been scrambled and are en route to Pashanai bearing medical supplies and personnel. The casualty figures appear to have leveled off by this point, with the latest reported total standing at 5563.