Annaro Mine Rescue Revelations: Illegal Slaves Were Deployed

New Eden News | YC112-01-07

Annaro - Confirmation that the Ducia Foundry team deployed to Annaro system included slave workers emerged last night, sparking controversy and overshadowing the successful rescue of 176 miners from the collapsed CBD Corporation asteroid mine. The Caldari Business Tribunal is reported to have been alerted by individuals within the Annaro police; they are investigating allegations that corporate and civil codes were broken by the local police corporation.

According to reports, the rescue team included 16 slaves, who carried out dangerous work on the surface of the asteroid. Those slaves have since been purchased and released by Amarr Holder Aszhar Freimala, in accordance with an agreement between Freimala, Ducia Foundry, and Annaro police commander Garr Diymir. Despite this agreement, the venture was still illegal under Caldari law, as the individuals in question were slaves during the rescue operation.

Sources within the Annaro police force have alleged that Commander Diymir gave his authority for the illegal venture to proceed and ordered several police patrols to change course away from the Amarr team's ships and the asteroid. Tribunal investigators are interviewing senior officers in the Annaro police corporation. Commander Diymir is reported to have been suspended from duty, though he is cooperating with investigators. With the investigation appearing to be aimed at prosecuting Garr Diymir, local miners have begun a fund to help pay for his legal costs.